The Hut Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Hut Questions & Answers.

Written by Hilda van Stockum, this poem is about a brother and sister who build a hut together. It is a small hut and can’t stand the rain, but they are happy under it and act like they are dry.

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The Hut Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Twigs that bowed and met above – twigs were bent and put up on top of the hut to make the frame of the roof
  • Leaves to cover it – the twigs were covered by leaves to complete the roof of the hut
  • Puddle – a small amount of rainwater collected in one place on the ground
  • Puddles at our feet – the hut was built over a sand pit and when it rained, a puddle was formed at the floor of the hut
  • Smiled through strands of dripping hair, Because we felt so dry – the rain poured through the thin roof of leaves and made them wet but they acted like they were dry

Question 1: Who built the hut?

Answer: The speaker and her brother built the hut.

Question 2: Where was the hut built?

Answer: The hut was built over a sandy pit.

Question 3: How was the roof of the hut made?

Answer: The twigs were put up on top of the hut and covered it with leaves.

Question 4: We’d be sure to drown Why did the speaker say that they would drown?

Answer: The speaker said that they would drown if they were not under the hut.

Question 5: Read these sentences. Write Yes if it is hyperbole. Write No if it is not.

1. I am so hungry I could eat an elephant – Yes
2. Smriti thanked me a million times – Yes
3. Sunday is the best day of the week – No
4. Samar’s shirt was so bright that it hurt my eyes – Yes

So, these were The Hut Questions & Answers.

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