The Little Duckling Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Little Duckling Questions & Answers.

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The Little Duckling Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the mother duck sit on the eggs?

Answer: The mother duck sat on the eggs to keep them warm.

Question 2: What came out of the last egg?

Answer: A big, ugly duckling came out of the last egg.

Question 3: Why did the poor duckling run away?

Answer: The poor duckling ran away because all animals were laughing at him.

Question 4: Why did the duckling hide in the bushes?

Answer: When the poor duckling said “I will have a good swim”, other animals were started laughing at him so he hid in the bushes.

Question 5: What did the duckling see when he puts his head down to the water?

Answer: When the duckling put his head down to the water, he saw that he was a beautiful white swan.

Question 6: Who said these words?

(a) What a big duckling!

Answer: The old duck.

(b) He is my own little duck.

Answer: The mother duck.

(c) I will have a good swim.

Answer: The poor ugly duckling.

(d) Will they laugh at me?

Answer: The ugly duckling.

(e) The last one is the best.

Answer: The children.

Question 7: Read the clues and unjumble the letters.

(a) SETN (the home of a bird in which it lays its eggs.

Answer: Nest

(b) MSLAL (The antonym of big)

Answer: Small

(c) NOPD (A body of water usually smaller than a Lake)

Answer: Pond

(d) SIMW (To move across water)

Answer: swim

(e) KDCULNGI (a young duck)

Answer: Duckling

Question 8: Write True or False:

(a) A duck made her nest under some grass – False
(b) An ugly duckling came out of the last egg – True
(c) The big, ugly duckling was not able to swim – False
(d) The other animals laughed at the poor duckling – True
(e) The duckling found the three Swans to be very beautiful – True
(f) The children give bread and peanuts to the lovely bird – False

So, these were The Little Duckling Questions & Answers.

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