The Magic Hat Questions & Answers

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The Magic Hat Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Kabir’s mother invited Uncle Som every winter to stay with them.
(b) Kabir smiled politely and showed Uncle Som where the cupboard was.
(c) Uncle Som had a pink suitcase with him.
(d) Candyfloss made Kabir’s mouth water.

Question 2: Why did Kabir want Uncle Som to be with his parents for some time?

Answer: Kabir wanted Uncle Som to be with his parents for some time because he wanted to watch his favourite TV programme. He knew that Uncle Som did not like to watch and even disliked anybody else watching television in his presence.

Question 3: Do you think Uncle Som went to bed early because he was tired from the journey? Why do you think so?

Answer: No, I don’t think Uncle Som went to bed early because he was tired. I think he went to bed early because he wanted to go on a magical journey with Kabir.

Question 4: Why do Kabir’s mother scold him?

Answer: Kabir’s mother scolded him because she felt that he was being rude to Uncle Som.

Question 5: Why was Kabir annoyed?

Answer: Kabir was annoyed because uncle Som had to share the room with him.

The Magic Hat Questions & Answers

Question 6: Describe the following.

(a) Uncle Som’s suit

Answer: Uncle Som’s suit was blue with yellow frills.

(b) Uncle Som’s dressing gown.

Answer: Uncle Som’s dressing gown was purple with orange strips.

Question 7: How did Kabir reach Paris? Which building did he see there?

Answer: Kabir reached Paris with the help of magical hat. He saw the Eiffel Tower there.

Question 8: What did Kabir eat in Paris? How did he find it?

Answer: Kabir eat candyfloss in Paris. When he was looking around in Paris, he saw a man selling candyfloss.

Question 9: Why did Kabir’s mother say, “don’t be selfish”?

Answer: Kabir’s mother said so because Kabir did not want uncle Som to come to his house. His mother scolded him by saying don’t be selfish, as uncle Som had no one to look after him in winter.

Question 10: Why did Kabir think “what a strange man!”?

Answer: Kabir thought uncle Som was a strange man, when he told him that his hat was a magical hat and it could do things that he wanted it to do.

Question 11: Which Sentence tells us that Kabir was a polite boy?

Answer: He smiled politely and showed uncle Som where the cupboard was and how the lamp worked. This sentence tells that Kabir was a polite boy.

Question 12: Which dress do you think Kabir found funnier – Uncles Suit or his dressing gown?

Answer: I think Kabir found both dresses equally funny.

Question 13: Read this sentence and answer the questions:

“But he wears unfashionable and strange clothes”.

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Kabir said these words to his mother.

(b) Who does “he” refer to?

Answer: “He” refers to Uncle Som.

(c) Was the speaker happy or annoyed?

Answer: Kabir was very annoyed.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Kabir’s mother scolded him for being so rude.

Question 14: How should we behave when guest arrive at home? Should we be rude to them or welcome them?

Answer: We should behave politely and in a good manner when guest arrive at our home. We should not be rude to them and welcome them.

So, these were The Magic Hat Questions & Answers.

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