Value Of Time Questions & Answers

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Value Of Time Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) On which day of the week is Mala playing in the park?

i. Sunday
ii. Monday
iii. Saturday

(b) Mala makes a face when her mother calls her because she is_____

i. happy
ii. unhappy
iii. angry

(c) Mala’s mother wants her to________

i. sleep
ii. play
iii. study

(d) Whom does Mala meet first?

i. ants
ii. squirrels
iii. bees

(e) The ants, squirrels and bees were collecting food for________

i. summer
ii. winter
iii. autumn

(f) Mala had to read________chapters for English.

i. two
ii. three
iii. four

Question 2: What reason do the ants give to Mala for not playing with her?

Answer: Ants tell Mala that they are busy collecting food for winter. If they play with her, they will have no food for winter.

Question 3: Read the statement and answer the questions:

“But isn’t that ridiculous?”

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Mala said these words to the ant.

(b) What does ‘that’ refer to?

Answer: ‘That’ refers to the act of collecting food for winter.

(c) Why did the speaker say this?

Answer: Mala said these words as she thought that the ants were so early in collecting the food as winter was far away.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: The ants continued with their work.

Question 4: Why does Mala’s mother get angry with Mala?

Answer: Mala’s mother gets angry with Mala because she does not attend school. She also has not started studying for her tests nor has she completed her assignments.

Question 5: Why does Mala not want to go to school?

Answer: Mala does not want to go to school because she has not done her homework and she has not memorized the poem for the recitation competition.

Question 6: Why do bees have to work on a sunny day?

Answer: Bees have to work on a sunny day because flowers bloom only on a sunny day.

Question 7: What does Mala promise at the end of the play?

Answer: Mala promises at the end of the play that she will make a time table for all her activities. She also says that she will spend her time properly and not waste it.

Question 8: Why do the ants not pay attention to Mala?

Answer: The ants do not pay attention to Mala because they are busy with their work of collecting food for the winter.

Question 9: “Oh! It was a dream! I am so thankful! Why was Mala thankful that it was a dream?

Answer: Mala was thankful that it was a dream because now she still had time to study by making a timetable.

Question 10: What lesson do you learn from the play?

Answer: I learnt the lesson that time is valuable, we should not waste it.

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