The Magic of Silk Questions & Answers

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The Magic of Silk Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Swept – cleaned
  • Reached – arrived at a place
  • Strange – unusual
  • Bundle – a number of things bound together
  • Waist – the part of the human body which is immediately below the rib
  • Noticed – realized
  • Surprise – wonder
  • Piece – bit
  • Exactly – correctly
  • Far and wide – to distant places

Question 1: Describe the old woman.

Answer: The old woman used to live in a hut with her daughter Siew Mei in the forest. A tiger had killed her husband some years ago. She was quite old and weak and life was difficult for both of them.

Question 2: How Siew Mei used to earn the living?

Answer: Siew Mei used to look after the silkworms in their garden which provided her with fine threads to make beautiful silk. She used to sell the silk to the travellers in the village market. That is how she earned her living and could buy food and other things.

Question 3: Where did Siew Mei take shelter while returning home from the market?

Answer: One day, while returning home from the market,it started raining heavily. Moreover, it was getting dark so, she took shelter in a hut.

The Magic of Silk Questions & Answers

Question 4: Describe the hut where Siew Mei took the shelter.

Answer: The door of the hut was open and nobody was inside the hut. Its floor was quite dirty and there were also some unwashed bowls and pots.

Question 5: Whom did Siew Mei see as soon as she walked out of the hut? Describe the person.

Answer: Siew Mei saw a strange old man when she walked out of the hut. He looked about a hundred years old with his long beard reaching down to his waist.

Question 6: Why was the old man happy?

Answer: When the old man noticed that Siew Mei had swept the floor of the hut, had washed the bowls and pots and his hut was looking as clean as new then, he felt quite happy.

Question 7: What did the old man offer Siew Mei as a present?

Answer: The old man cut off a little of his long white beard with the help of a pair of scissors, wrapped it in a piece of old cloth, tied it up and offered this to Siew Mei as a present in return of what she had done for him.

The Magic of Silk Questions & Answers

Question 8: What instructions were given by the old man to Siew Mei regarding the present?

Answer: The old man instructed her not to give the present to anyone and open it on reaching home.

Question 9: What surprise did Siew Mei get when she opened the present?

Answer: To her surprise, she saw the finest silk thread when she opened the present. That silk thread was the finest silk thread in the whole of China.

Question 10: How did the present change the lives of Siew Mei and her mother?

Answer: With the finest silk thread that she got as a present, she started weaving and made the finest silk she had ever seen. Moreover, there was something unusual about that bundle of silk thread. Even after using the thread, the bundle remained of the same size. The news of this wonderful silk made by Siew Mei and her mother spread far and wide and they became famous and lived happily ever after. That is how the present changed their lives.

Question 11: What is the theme of this story?
What lesson did you get from this story?

Answer: This story is based on the theme that if you will help others, you will be helped by God. Whatever good we give out comes back to us in some form or the other.

So, these were The Magic of Silk Questions & Answers.

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