Tenali Paints A Horse Questions & Answers

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Tenali Paints A Horse Questions & Answers

  • Jester – a man who tells jokes and funny stories
  • Wit – the ability to say clever and amusing things
  • Stallion – an adult male horse
  • Gestures – signals with hand

Question 1: Why did Tenali Raman look displeased?

Answer: Tenali Raman looked displeased because he could not see the other side of the two men in the painting and thought that the artist was not good.

Question 2: How did the king reward the artist?

Answer: The king rewarded the artist with a bag of gold and asked him to stay at his court and paint more.

Question 3: Why did the king call Tenali Raman an ignorant fool?

Answer: The king called Tenali Raman an ignorant fool when he said that he was unable to see the other side of the two men and the face of the cow in the painting. The king told Tenali that everything cannot be painted and one had to imagine the missing bits.

Question 4: What was the bet between the king and Tenali Raman?
What reward did the king offer to Tenali Raman if he won the bet?

Answer: Tenali Raman bet against the king that he would paint better than the artist whose paintings impressed the king very much. The king bet that he would give him a bag of gold if Tenali painted better and also confer him with the title of “King of Artists”.

Tenali Paints A Horse Questions & Answers

Question 5: What do you think was the reason for the courtiers to giggle?

Answer: The courtiers giggled because they thought Tenali Raman would lose the bet as they knew that he could not paint at all.

Question 6: Why did the courtiers look forward to seeing Tenali Raman’s painting?

Answer: The courtiers looked forward to seeing Tenali Raman’s painting because they knew Tenali could not paint and they wanted him to fail.

Question 7: How did Tenali Raman manage to convince the king that he had drawn a beautiful picture?

Answer: Tenali displayed an empty canvas. When the King got annoyed Tenali told him that he was the one who told them to use imagination when you look at paintings. He asked the king to use his imagination that the rest of the horse is outside the canvas grazing at some lush green grass.

Question 8: Why was King Krishnadevaraya angry at the end?

Answer: King Krishnadevaraya was angry at the end because he thought Tenali was trying to fool him.

Question 9: How did Tenali Raman win the bet?

Answer: Tenali Raman won the bet by painting a few lines and by explaining that he had drawn a grazing horse which was outside the canvas. He indirectly told the king that a good picture is not always what you imagine but what you can actually see.

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