The Mask Questions & Answers

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The Mask Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why do you think Tinkori Babu actually came to Darjeeling? In what way, did the purpose of his visit change?

Answer: Tinkori Babu actually came to Darjeeling to reside and enjoy the new town. Rajen Babu also taken in him as a paying guest on the recommendation of a dear friend.
One day, when Tinkori Babu saw a childhood photograph of Rajen Babu, he recognized him and thought of doing something that would cause trouble to him. In this way, the purpose of his visit changed.

Question 2: “After all he’s already had one shock and…..” Who received the shock? What was it? What was the speaker suggesting?

Answer: Tinkori Babu received the shock. The shocking news was that Prabeer, son of Rajen Babu, had recently arrived in Darjeeling. The speaker was suggesting that Rajen Babu should not be told about this.

Question 3: “I can’t tell you……how I spent the night.” Who said these words? What had happened to frighten him so?

Answer: Rajen Babu said these words. Last night, a terrible incident happened to frighten him. So, when he woke up suddenly after midnight, he saw a masked face bent over him.

The Mask Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why was everyone surprised to find out who the culprit was? Giving examples, say how the culprit managed to prevent anyone from suspecting him.

Answer: Everyone was surprised to find out who the culprit was because it was beyond everyone’s imagination.

The culprit, Tinkori Babu, managed to prevent anyone from suspecting him by diverting their mind towards other suspects. For example, he told Feluda that Mr. Ghoshal may be a suspect because he was a dishonest person. He also became successful in showing that Prabeer can also be a suspect because he was caught red-handed while stealing money from his father’s cupboard. In the same way, he brought Dr. Mitra in the line of suspects.

Question 5: Would you agree that Feluda is a good detective? Give reasons in support of your answer.

Answer: Yes, I agree that Feluda is a good detective.There are many instances where he showed his presence of mind. At first, he investigated each suspect carefully including Dr. Mitra, Prabber, Mr. Ghoshal and at the end of the story, Tinkori Babu was also his suspect. His eyes were also very sharp as he saw a long mark of mud on Dr. Mitra’s jacket.

Finally, when he was searching for all the evidences, he tried all the mask over his face and came to know that Tinkori Babu was the real culprit as the smell of Cheroot was coming from it.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

(a) The speaker told Feluda about the conversation he overheard because…….

i. Feluda had asked him to share everything he heard with him.
ii. it did not seem like an ordinary conversation.
iii. it was his habit to share everything with Feluda.

(b) Ghoshal was a suspect because……

i. he was a crock.
ii. Tinkon Babu found him untrustworthy.
iii. he collected antiques.

(c) Rajen Babu had taken Tinkori Babu as a paying guest because…….

i. a friend had asked Rajen Babu to do so.
ii. Rajen Babu needed money.
iii. Rajen Babu did not want to be alone.

(d) Feluda wore the mask because……..

i. he wanted to try on the mask for himself.
ii. he wanted to see if this would lead to any clues.
iii. he wanted to scare the speaker.

(e) Rajen Babu and his son Prabeer had not seen each other…….

i. from the time Prabeer returned to Darjeeling.
ii. from the time Rajen Babu had caught him stealing money.
iii. from the time Prabeer was very young.

(f) Tinkon Babu wanted to punish Rajen Babu because……

i. Rajen Babu’s actions caused Tinkon Babu to suffer greatly.
ii. Rajen Babu cheated and won the race.
iii. Tinkon Babu did not win the race.

So, these were The Mask Questions & Answers.

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