The Mouse Merchant Questions & Answers

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The Mouse Merchant Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Energetic – active
  • Destination – a place to which a person travel
  • Enormous – here, a large amount of
  • Studded – decorated
  • Fortune – large amount of wealth
  • Witty – clever

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Lalit opened a small refreshment shop when he earned a good profit from different business.
(b) Lalit wanted to thank the advisor because he became wealthy after following advisor’s word.
(c) Lalit knew that the country that the ship came from had no rubies and gold also was very expensive so, he bought a gold ring studded with a beautiful ruby and presented to the captain of the ship.
(d) Lalit became wealthy because of his intelligence and hard work.

Question 2: Answer in one word:

(a) What did Lalit earn after selling dead mouse?

Answer: Two copper coins

(b) Whom did Lalit sell the wood to?

Answer: Two potters

(c) What position did the King offer Lalit after the advisor passed away?

Answer: Chief advisor

Question 3: What did the King’s advisor say on seeing a dead mouse on the road?

Answer: A smart and energetic young fellow can make his fortune even from a small beginning such as the dead mouse. He can start a new business and earn good money with his intelligence and hard work.

Question 4: Why did the passerby decide to follow the advisor’s words?

Answer: The passerby decided to follow the advisor’s words because these came from a wise man.

Question 5: What was the man’s plan when he went to meet the ship’s caption with a precious ring?

Answer: Lalit planned to take all the passengers to different jewellery shops whom he had already approached to get some money in return for giving customers.

Question 6: Why did the King’s advisor decide to marry his daughter to the stranger who came to meet him with the gold coins?

Answer: After hearing the story of how the stranger became so rich by following his words, the impressed advisor decided to marry his daughter to the stranger Lalit.

Question 7: What do you think were the qualities in the young man that made him so successful?

Answer: The young man was intelligent and hard worker so, he was successful.

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