The Mystery Of a Girl Questions & Answers

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The Mystery Of a Girl Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. David Walter saw the girl ________

(a) bleeding in her face and arms.
(b) lying face down by the grass verge.
(c) disappearing in the dark windy night.

2. David Walter stopped his car ________

(a) to help the girl.
(b) to find out the girl.
(c) to inform the police.

3. David Walter moved his car so that the headlights could show ___________

(a) who the girl was.
(b) where the girl was.
(c) what the girl was doing.

4. David Walter was convinced that the sight he had seen was ___________

(a) a mere figment of his imagination.
(b) a product of his own puzzled mind.
(c) not a mere figment of his imagination.

5. The one who consulted the local historian was ___________

(a) Ivan Smith.
(b) David Walter.
(c) the local priest.

6. The priest decided to make enquiries about ___________

(a) the historian who knew the girl’s killers.
(b) the mystery of the girl who just faded away.
(c) the men who had been hanged for the girl’s murder.

7. After meeting the local priest, David Walter went away___________

(a) quite relieved.
(b) quite satisfied.
(c) quite confused.

8. The phantom of the bleeding girl never appeared ___________

(a) after the prayers for her soul were held.
(b) before the prayers for her soul were held.
(c) after she was robbed, stabbed and left for dead.

Question 2: Where was Walter going on the night of 15th November 1950?

Answer: On 15th November 1950, Walter was returning home after finishing his work in the countryside.

Question 3: What horrible sight did Walter see through the windscreen of his car?

Answer: Walter saw a girl lying by the grass verge of the road, with her face down. She was in torn clothes and was bleeding.

Question 4: What did Walter find on reaching the spot where the girl lay?

Answer: Walter found nothing there. The girl had just faded away.

Question 5: How did Walter try to find out where the bleeding girl had gone?

Answer: Walter came back to his car and moved it so that its headlights illuminated the spot where the girl had laid.

The Mystery Of a Girl Questions & Answers

Question 6: What was it that surprised to Walter when he narrated the incident to the local priest?

Answer: Walter narrated to the local priest the whole incident of the bleeding girl who had just faded away. To his surprise, the priest didn’t appear astonished at all. the priest said that the same incident had been reported to him at least four times in the previous two years.

Question 7: Who was Ivan Smith? What was his experience of the bleeding girl?

Answer: Ivan Smith was a hotelier. He saw the girl lying in the grass by the road. He thought the girl had been murdered. But when he went closer, the girl just faded away.

Question 8: Why did Ivan not report the incident of the bleeding girl to the police?

Answer: Ivan thought of reporting the incident to the police, but then there was nothing to report. Nobody would believe him. They would think he was mad or drunk. So, he just went away.

Question 9: What did the salesman report to the police and what was the result?

Answer: The salesman reported to the police that the wounded girl was lying by the side of the road. But when they arrived, they found nothing there. They thought the salesman had played a prank and rebuked him badly.

Question 10: Why do you think Walter remained confused about the bleeding girl?

Answer: Walter was very certain that he had seen the bleeding girl lying on the grass verge. He could never believe that it was a figment of his imagination. He became even more confused when he came to know that some other people also had experienced the same thing.

Question 11: What did the local priest learn from Dr Arthur?

Answer: The local priest learnt that exactly 300 years earlier, a girl had been robbed at that very spot. She had been stabbed and left there to die. Later, two men were hanged for the crime, but the mystery of the bleeding girl, who just faded away, was still not solved.

Question 12: What did the local priest decide to do in the end and why?

Answer: The local priest decided to hold a prayer at that very spot where the girl’s phantom had been seen. Since no proper prayers had been held for peace of her soul, her ghost kept haunting the place and had been seen by a number of motorists. For the purpose of securing peace for the girl’s soul, the priest arranged a prayer at that place.

Question 13: What did the local priest do to have the girls should rest in peace?

Answer: The local priest arranged a prayer at that very place where the girl was said to have been murdered and where her phantom had been seen many a times later.

So, these were The Mystery Of a Girl Questions & Answers.

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