Horatius at the Bridge Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Horatius at the Bridge Questions & Answers.

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Horatius at the Bridge Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. King Tarquin ruled over Tuscany – False
2. Tuscany lies on the bank of the Tiber – False
3. King Tarquin was killed by his people – False
4. The Tuscans threw Horatius into the river – False
5. Horatius was a soldier in the Roman army – True
6. The Tuscans broke down the bridge on the Tiber – False
7. Horatius jumped into the river, and was drowned – False
8. After Tarquin’s death, the Romans had a new king – False

Question 2: Complete each sentence:

1. The Tuscan king agreed to help Tarquin.
2. King Tarquin treated his people unjustly.
3. Tarquin went to Tuscany so that he could get help from the Tuscan King.
4. When the bridge broke down, Horatius jumped into the river Tiber.
5. The Tuscans could enter Rome only after crossing a bridge over the river Tiber.
6. The Romans started demolishing the bridge so that the Tuscan army could not enter Rome.
7. Horatius ran to the other end of the bridge in order to stop the Tuscan army from crossing the bridge.

Question 3: What did the Romans do with Tarquin and why?

Answer: The Romans drove Tarquin out of Rome because he didn’t treat his people fairly and the people became fed up with him.

Question 4: Why were the Romans taken by surprise?

Answer: The Tuscan king sent a large army to attack Rome. The Romans were taken by surprise as they were not prepared for a battle.

Question 5: What did the chief of the Roman army want his men to do and why?

Answer: The chief of the Roman army wanted his men to break down the bridge on the Tiber. Thus, they could prevent the entry of the Tuscan army into Rome.

Question 6: How did Horatius try to stop the Tuscans from entering Rome?

Answer: Horatius and his two companions kept the Tuscan army engaged in a fight. In the meantime, the other Roman soldiers hacked down the bridge. Thus, they stopped the Tuscans from entering Rome.

Question 7: What was it that amused the Tuscan commander?

Answer: The Tuscan commander was amused to see just three Romans challenging his mighty army.

Question 8: Why did the Romans shout to Horatius to run back?

Answer: The Romans had hacked the bridge and it was about to fall. So, they shouted to Horatius to run back and save himself.

Question 9: What did Horatius and his two companions do in the end?

Answer: The bridge had crashed into the river. Horatius and his two companions jumped into the river and swam back to Rome.

Question 10: What did the Romans do in honour of Horatius?

Answer: The Romans built a big statue in honour of Horatius.

So, these were Horatius at the Bridge Questions & Answers.

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