The Kitty Ran Up The Tree Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The kitty Ran Up The Tree Questions & Answers.

The poem is about a cat that climbs up a tree. In this poem, the speaker is telling why the cat climbs the tree and what she sees from the top of the tree. It also tells us why the cat climbs down the tree again.

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The kitty Ran Up The Tree Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Toes – small fingers
  • Tip – the peak, high place
  • Trudge – to go slowly with heavy steps
  • Climb – to go upside
  • Top – highest surface

Question 1: Complete this sentence:

Answer: This poem is about a kitty.

Question 2: Where did the kitty go?

Answer: The kitty went up the tree.

Question 3: When the kitty runs up the tree, what goes up first – her nose or toes?

Answer: The kitty’s nose goes up first.

Question 4: When the kitty comes down the tree, what comes down first-her nose or toes?

Answer: The kitty’s nose comes down first.

Question 5: How did kitty’s toes go up?

Answer: The kitty’s toes trudged up.

Question 6: What does the kitty see from the top of the tree?

Answer: She sees the tip of the top of the tree.

Question 7: Arrange these sentences in the correct order:


…1…The kitty ran up the tree.
…6…And her toes came down.
…2…Her nose went up.
…4…The kitty came down the tree.
…5…Her nose came down.
…3…And her toes went up.

Question 8: Choose the correct option:

1. The kitty ran up the________.

(a) tree
(b) chair
(c) window

2. Why does the kitty climb up the tree?

(a) to hide
(b) to see things
(c) to sleep

3. Kitty’s __________ went up.

(a) tail
(b) nose
(c) claw

4. Kitty’s __________ trudged up.

(a) head
(b) leg
(c) toes

5. At last Kitty __________ the tree.

(a) came up
(b) came down
(c) ran up

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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