Thumbelina Questions & Answers

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Thumbelina Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tulip – a large cup shaped flower
  • Graceful – beautiful form
  • Counterpane – bed spread
  • Rowed – moved a boat with oars
  • Oars – a long pole with a flat blade for rowing
  • Toad – a small animal like a frog
  • Floated – moved slowly on water or air
  • Swallow – a small bird
  • Flitted – moved quickly and lightly

Question 1: Who took Thumbelina back to her home?

Answer: A little swallow took Thumbelina back to her home.

Question 2: Why was the little girl named Thumbelina?

Answer: The little girl was named Thumbelina because she was as tall as the woman’s thumb.

Question 3: What did Thumbelina use for a counterpane?

Answer: Thumbelina used a rose-petal for a counterpane.

Question 4: What did Thumbelina see all around her when she woke up?

Answer: Thumbelina saw water all around her when she woke up.

Question 5: Where did the old toad live?

Answer: The old toad lived beside a stream in the garden.

Question 6: Match the following columns:

Column AColumn B
1. She took the corna. of stems
2. The toad leapt throughb. cry bitterly
3. She sleptc. and planted it
4. The oars were maded. the open window
5. She began toe. in a walnut shell
Answer: 1-c, 2-d, 3-e, 4-a, 5-b

Question 7: Fill in the blanks:

1. A graceful little swallow flitted round her.
2. She played in a bowl of flowers.
3. Thumbelina used a large tulip leaf as a boat.
4. Far out in the stream grew a number of water-lilies.
5. The woman wished to have her own child.

Question 8: Who said these words to whom?

1. “Oh! That is easy,”

Answer: The fairy said to the woman.

2. “What a pretty wife she would make for my son!”

Answer: The old toad said to herself.

3. “Can you help me?”

Answer: The woman said to the fairy.

Question 9: How did the little fishes save Thumbelina?

Answer: The little fishes got together in water around the leaf and pushed the leaf till it floated down the stream, carrying Thumbelina far away out of reach of land.

Question 10: Describe how Thumbelina slept at night.

Answer: At night, Thumbelina slept in a walnut-shell on a bed of blue leaves and she used a rose-petal for a counterpane.

Question 11: Read the extract and answer the questions:

One night, while she lay in her pretty bed…………………….jumped through the window with it into the garden.

(a) ‘While she lay’. Who is she?

Answer: She is Thumbelina.

(b) Describe the toad.

Answer: The toad was large, ugly and old.

(c) Who was Thumbelina?

Answer: Thumbelina was a little, pretty girl who was as tall as the woman’s thumb.

(d) “What a pretty little wife she will make for my son!” Whose son is being spoken about?

Answer: The old toad’s son is being spoken about here.

(e) What was the walnut shell used for?

Answer: The walnut shell was used by Thumbelina for sleeping.

So, these were Thumbelina Questions & Answers.

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