Jesse Owens Questions & Answers

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Jesse Owens Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete these sentences:

1. Jesse Owens’s real name was James Cleveland Owens.
2. At school, Jesse was not given any scholarship.
3. In spite of spending a lot of time on the track, Jesse was always a good student.
4. After school, Jesse joined Ohio State University.
5. In the Berlin Olympics, Jesse won four gold medals.
6. Hitler was angry when Jesse Owens, a black American broke world record and won four gold medals.
7. Jesse had begun his life as poor, sickly boy.
8. President Gerald Ford awarded Jesse the medal of Freedom.

Question 2: Write True or False:

1. Berlin is in Germany – True
2. Jesse was a black American – True
3. Jesse was born in Cleveland, Ohio – False
4. The 1936 Olympics were held in Germany – True
5. Jesse had seven brothers and seven sisters – False
6. As a child, Jesse was often sick and skinny – True
7. Adolf Hitler refused to watch the Berlin Olympics – False
8. The Medal of Freedom is the highest honour for an American – True

Question 3: Who was Jesse Owens?

Answer: Jesse Owens was a black American athlete.

Question 4: What is Jesse Owens known for?

Answer: Jesse Owens is known for the world records he set in athletics.

Question 5: How can you say that Jesse was born in a poor family?

Answer: The whole Owens family had to work for their food. Little Jesse, too, had to work and pick cotton in the fields. So, we can say that Jesse was born in a poor family.

Question 6: How was J.C. Owen’s name changed to Jesse?

Answer: When J.C. joined a school, the teacher asked him his name. J.C told his name but the teacher misunderstood the name and wrote ‘Jesse’ for J.C. This name stayed with J.C. all his life.

Question 7: What amazing thing did Jesse do at Michigan?

Answer: At Michigan, Jesse broke three world records in running and jumping.

Question 8: What did Hitler boast about? How was he proved wrong?

Answer: Hitler boasted that the German athletes were superior to all others in the world. But Jesse Owens, a black American, outdid the Germans at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. He broke three world records and won four gold medals. Thus, Hitler proved wrong.

Question 9: How was Jesse treated in his own country after the Olympics?

Answer: Jesse was not treated well. For being a black, he was not allowed to sit in restaurants reserved for the whites. He had to ride in the back of the city buses. The seats in the front were reserved for the whites.

Question 10: What good thing happened in America in 1976?

Answer: In 1976,Jesse Owens was given the honour he deserved. President Gerald Ford awarded him the Medal of Freedom which is the highest honour for American.

So, these were Jesse Owens Questions & Answers.

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