The Night The Roof Blew Off Questions & Answers

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The Night The Roof Blew Off Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sleet – ice pellets
  • Brunt – impact
  • Accustomed – used to
  • Battering – hitting hard
  • Eerie wail – frightening sound
  • Untoward – unfavorable
  • Awash – full of water
  • Moorings – large and heavy anchors
  • Mundane – ordinary
  • Mayhem – confusion
  • Scurrying – moving fast

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The author talks of an incident which happened to________.

i. himself
ii. James Thurber
iii. a friend

(b) Sudden storms were frequent in the__________of the Himalayas.

i. plains
ii. foothills
iii. plateaus

(c) Rakesh and Mukesh were_______.

i. not related
ii. cousins
iii. brothers

(d) The water from their house was seeping into the_______.

i. rooms downstairs
ii. bedroom
iii. ground

(e) The family spent the night huddled________.

i. woodshed
ii. in blankets and quilts
iii. around the fire

(f) The carpenter and the tinsmith repaired the________.

i. roof
ii. cupboard
iii. fence

Question 2: Describe the author’s house. Who lived in it with him?

Answer: The author’s house was a three-storey building with roof that consisted of corrugated tin sheets, the ceiling of wooden boards which was used in the traditional hill stations. He lived on the top floor with his adopted family-three children and their parents.

Question 3: What damage did the storm to do the house?

Answer: The storm damaged the roof and the ceiling of the two rooms. The roof was blown off by the storm which damaged the electric wires too.

Question 4: What object did the author consider ‘precious’?

Answer: The author considered his ‘Type writer’ to be precious.

Question 5: Read these lines and answer the questions:

‘So that’s it, I thought. Nothing worse can happen’.

(a) Who is the narrator of the story? What has just happened?

Answer: Ruskin Bond is the narrator of the story. Narrator’s bed room portion roof blew off with a ripping, groaning sound.

(b) What happens next?

Answer: The ceiling disappears next.

(c) What does the narrator do?

Answer: The narrator picks up his precious type writer and goes to the sitting room.

Question 6: How did the children help the author?

Answer: The children helped the author by carrying arms full of books and shifting them into their room.

Question 7: Read these lines and answer the questions:

‘Dolly Squealed and ran for the door’.

(a) Why does Dolly squeal?

Answer: When a large field rat leapt onto the desk in front of her, Dolly squealed and ran for the door.

(b) Who comforts her? What does he/she say?

Answer: Mukesh comforts Dolly. He says that the rats are only sheltering from the storm.

(c) Who is Toby?

Answer: Toby is a pet dog.

Question 8: What did the family do the morning after the storm?

Answer: The morning after the storm, the father went out to find a carpenter and tinsmith to repair the damaged roof and ceiling while the rest of them started putting things in the sun to dry out.

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