The North Wind Questions & Answers

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The North Wind Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Turned into his street – reached the lane near his house
  • Supper – evening meal
  • Rather ashamed – here, quite sorry for his actions
  • Inn – small hotel for travellers
  • Tucked in – here, ate heartily
  • Slept soundly – slept deeply
  • Ram – a male sheep
  • Queer-looking – unusual or strange-looking
  • Barn – outdoor shed or building used to keep things or animals

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The boy blamed the North Wind.
2. It was a magic stick.
3. The boy understood that the innkeeper had stolen his gifts.
4. The innkeeper had kept the tablecloth in the kitchen.
5. The stick obeyed the boy’s command.

Question 2: Write True or False:

1. The North Wind followed the boy to his house – False
2. The North Wind gave the boy a plate and a spoon – False
3. The tablecloth was kept hidden in the kitchen – True
4. The innkeeper had hidden the ram in the kitchen – False
5. The innkeeper was a thief – True
6. The boy did not get back the North Wind’s gifts – False

Question 3: Why did the boy follow the North Wind?

Answer: The boy followed the North Wind because it blew away his bag of flour.

Question 4: Why did the North Wind help the boy?

Answer: The North Wind helped the boy because he felt ashamed.

Question 5: What food did the boy order as he spread out the tablecloth?

Answer: The boy ordered beans, bread and meat.

Question 6: How was the innkeeper punished?

Answer: The innkeeper was punished by being beaten by the stick until he told the boy where each thing that he had stolen could be found.

Question 7: Where did the boy find the ram?

Answer: The boy found the ram in the barn.

So, these were The North Wind Questions & Answers.

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