The Pageant of Fireflies Questions & Answers

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The Pageant of Fireflies Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bulged – swelled
  • At length – after a long time
  • Envied – desired for oneself
  • Trooped – come or go together
  • Conflagration – an extensive fire
  • Elated – happy
  • Coyly – in a modest way
  • Awful – very bad
  • Glinting – shining
  • Frosty – very cold

Question 1: Why were the author and his siblings astonished by their mother’s mysterious parcel?

Answer: The author and his siblings were astonished by their mother’s mysterious parcel because it contained an extraordinary shapeless garment of black cloth, covered from top to bottom with hundreds of frills and pleats and tucks.

Question 2: What happened after the author and his siblings trooped up to their mother’s bedroom?

Answer: Roger was the first one to enter, and, on being greeted by her strange apparition clad in its voluminous black costume rippling with frills, he retreated hurriedly through the door, backwards, barking ferociously. It was sometime before they could persuade him that it really was Mother and even then, he kept giving her vaguely uncertain looks from the corner of his eyes.

Question 3: How did the children decide to celebrate their mother’s entry into the sea?

Answer: In order to celebrate their mother’s entry into the sea, the children decided to have a moonlight picnic down at the bay and sent an invitation to Theodore who was the only stranger that mother would tolerate on such a great occasion. The children reached the bay, spread out the rugs on the sand, arranged the food, placed the battalion of wine bottles in a row in the shallows to keep cool, and the great moment arrived when mother waded into shallow water in a slow and dignified manner.

Question 4: What happened when Theodore informed the author’s family that it was a moonless night?

Answer: When Theodore informed the author’s family that it was moonless night everybody blamed everyone else for not having checked on the moon’s progress, and the argument went on until dusk. Eventually, it was decided that they would go on the picnic in spite of everything, since all the arrangements were made, so they staggered down to the boat, loaded, and set off down the coast.

Question 5: How did Margo perform the task of steering the boat?

Answer: Margo took over the steering, and she did it quite well, except that she would, in crisis, get flurried and forget that to turn right one had to put the tiller over to the left. The result was that they had to spend ten minutes straining and tugging at the boat which Margo had, in her excitement, steered onto, instead of away from, a rock.

The Pageant of Fireflies Questions & Answers

Question 6: Describe briefly the pageant that the author and his family witnessed?

Answer: First of all, there were just two or three green specks, sliding smoothly through the trees, winking regularly. But gradually more and more appeared, until parts of the olive grove were lit with a weird green glow. Glittering streams of them flew out over the bay, swirling over the water, and then, right on cue, the porpoises appeared, swimming in line into the bay, rocking rhythmically through the waters, their backs as if painted with phosphorus. They could see luminous trail beneath the surface where the porpoises swam in a fiery pattern across the sandy bottom and when they leaped high in the air you could not tell if it was phosphorescence or fireflies you were looking at.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
‘It look to me like a badly skinned whale’.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Larry is the speaker.

(b) What does ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to Bathing costume.

(c) Name the figure of speech used in the above line.

Answer: Metaphor

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
Elated by the fact that the enemy appeared to be disintegrating, Roger, growling encouragement to Mother, set to work to remove the rest of the offending monster from her person.

(a) Who was Roger?

Answer: Roger was author’s brother.

(b) What does the ‘offending monster’ refer to? Why was Roger set on removing it?

Answer: The offending monster was the bathing costume. Roger was set on removing it because he thought bathing costume was some sort of sea monster that enveloped mother and was now about to carry her out to sea.

(c) How did the onlookers react to this scene?

Answer: The onlookers writhed on the sand, helpless with laughter as they saw this scene.

So, these were The Pageant of Fireflies Questions & Answers.

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