The Personal Assistant Questions & Answers

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The Personal Assistant Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

1. Mr Sharma owned a shop.
2. He was good at selling things.
3. He did not keep his papers tidy.
4. He decided to employ a personal assistant.

Question 2: Why was Mr Sharma unable to cope with his letters and bills?

Answer: Mr Sharma was unable to cope with his letters and bills because he did not like tidying papers or sending replies to letters. Soon, the papers began to pile up.

Question 3: What problem did this cause?

Answer: Mr Sharma could not find his bills and pay them.

Question 4: What qualifications did Mr Sharma want in his personal assistant?

Answer: The qualifications that Mr Sharma wanted in his personal assistant were:

  • Must be good at tidying papers.
  • Must be able to type letters.
  • Must speak another language.

Question 5: Why was Mr Sharma surprised to see a dog in his shop?

Answer: Mr Sharma was surprised to see a dog in his shop because he was expecting someone to come for the job and not a dog.

Question 6: What did the dog want?

Answer: The dog wanted the job of a personal assistant to Mr Sharma.

Question 7: How did the dog fulfil the first two requirements?

Answer: The dog fulfilled the first requirement by putting all the letters, lists and bills into separate piles. He then, put the piles into different cardboard files thereby making Mr Sharma’s desk tidy.

To fulfill the second requirement, the dog sat on Mr Sharma’s chair and started typing quickly. It typed a neat letter with no mistakes.

Question 8: How was the dog able to satisfy the last qualification?

Answer: The last qualification was that the personal assistant must be able to speak another language. To satisfy this qualification, the dog looked into Mr Sharma’s eyes and said ‘Miaow’.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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