What is a Bird Questions & Answers

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What is a Bird Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write true or false.

1. One evening, Grandpa took his grandchildren to a park – False
2. Megha said that all birds fly – True
3. Grandpa encouraged the children to think – True
4. All birds make nests and lay eggs – False
5. Some insects have wings like birds – True

Question 2: Name two birds that do not fly.

Answer: Kiwi and Ostrich.

Question 3: What is common between a bird and a butterfly?

Answer: Both have wings and can fly.

Question 4: What is a snout also known as?

Answer: A snout is also known as beak.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions.

1. “The question is not as easy as it seems,”…

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Sasha said this.

(b) What is the question?

Answer: The question is what makes the bird a bird.

(c) Why is it not easy?

Answer: It is not easy because we have some other animals who have wings and can fly but they are not birds.

2. “You tell us the answer, Grandpa.”…

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Megha said this.

(b) Why did the speaker ask Grandpa to answer it?

Answer: The speaker asked Grandpa to answer it because Megha and Sasha were not able to give answer of the question, what makes a bird a bird?

(c) Why did Grandpa not answer the question?

Answer: Grandpa did not answer the question because he wanted them to think and imagine.

Question 6: Name the animal and insects that can fly.

Answer: The animal and insects that can fly are bats, butterfly, moth and bees.

Question 7: Could Megha and Sasha answer the question? What is the correct answer?

Answer: Yes, Megha and Sasha answered the question. The correct answer is that birds have feathers which the other animals don’t have.

Question 8: What do you think of the question Grandpa asked? Does it look like a question or riddle to you? Give reasons.

Answer: The question that grandpa asked was, what makes a bird a bird? It looks like a riddle because Grandpa intentionally phrased it so that it makes the children to think and imagine.

Question 9: What new facts have you learnt about birds from this chapter?

Answer: We learnt that those who have wings and lay eggs are not birds. Only those animals are called birds who have feathers.

So, these were What is a Bird Questions & Answers.

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