The Pizza Girl Questions & Answers

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The Pizza Girl Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Whose birthday was around the corner?

(a) Chandrika’s father
(b) Chandrika’s mother
(c) Chandrika’s
(d) Chandrika’s friend

2. Chandrika preferred a __________ over any other dish.

(a) burger
(b) soup
(c) chocolate cake
(d) pizza

3. Chandrika woke up to the smell of a _________ pizza.

(a) cheese
(b) corn
(c) vegetable
(d) onion

4. Chandrika thought a _________ was the safest halt.

(a) playground
(b) bus stop
(c) shop
(d) school

Question 2: How did Chandrika develop a taste for pizza?

Answer: At the age of four, Chandrika tasted pizza at one of her friend’s birthday party. Since then, she developed a taste for pizza.

Question 3: What lecture did Chandrika receive from her mother?

Answer: Chandrika’s mother used to give her lecture on the importance of fruits and vegetables. She also explained to her the importance of having a well-balanced diet.

Question 4: What did Chandrika see in the mirror?

Answer: In the mirror, Chandrika saw that her face resembled a pizza with cheese and tomato toppings.

Question 5: Why did the dog try to jump upon Chandrika?

Answer: The dog tried to jump upon Chandrika to grab a bite of pizza.

Question 6: Was Chandrika really in trouble?

Answer: No, Chandrika was not really in trouble. In her dream, she was in trouble facing the threats of being eaten by either cows, dogs or monkeys.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Giving excuses to go out and play, Chandrika cut her mother short and ran off to join her friends.

(a) Who gave excuses and to whom?

Answer: Chandrika gave excuses to her mother.

(b) Why was there a need to give excuses?

Answer: Chandrika gave excuses because she had to join her friends for playing.

(c) What did Chandrika do after interrupting her mother?

Answer: After interrupting her mother, Chandrika went out to play with her friends.

2. She started to run again and was constantly faced with the threats of being eaten by either cows, dogs or monkeys.

(a) Who started to run again?

Answer: Chandrika started to run again.

(b) What ‘threats’ are being talked about here?

Answer: ‘Threats’ of being eaten by either cows, dogs or monkeys as Chandrika’s face was of pizza.

(c) Who were giving those ‘threats’?

Answer: Cows, dogs and monkeys were giving those threats to Chandrika.

Question 8: What kind of realization did Chandrika have because of her dream?

Answer: Chandrika realized that eating too much pizza is not at all good for her. She got frightened after her dream and she started eating vegetables and fruits.

So, these were The Pizza Girl Questions & Answers.

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