The Puddle Monster Questions & Answers

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The Puddle Monster Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dreadful – extremely disagreeable
  • Monsoons – the rainy season
  • Glee – happiness
  • Spattered – covered with spots of mud
  • Humongous – huge
  • Skirted – went around
  • Blood curdling – causing terror
  • Mortal – life threatening
  • Stifling – forcibly controlling
  • Spluttered – said something indistinctly 
  • Kitted out – turned out
  • Booby – a stupid person
  • Ragamuffin – a person, especially a child, in dirty or ragged clothes
  • Sprawled – lying with one’s arms and legs spread out

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Bholu was a well-behaved boy until the…………….season came.

i. winter
ii. monsoon
iii. spring

(b) Like most eight-year-old boys, Bholu loved…………..

i. puddles
ii. football
iii. cookies

(c) Once Bholu even splashed his teacher, Miss……………

i. Brownie
ii. Daisy
iii. Pinkie

(d) On the pretext of looking for a……………, Bholu would lead Baby right next to a huge puddle.

i. snake
ii. ladybird
iii. butterfly

(e) Priya, Nina and Lovely were three sisters who often………………Bholu mercilessly.

i. teased
ii. beat
iii. pushed

The Puddle Monster Questions & Answers

Question 2: Who was Bholu? Why was he called Bholu-shaitan?

Answer: Bholu was a well-behaved eight-year-old boy. He was called Bholu – shaitan because something strange and dreadful thing come over him during monsoons.

Question 3: Who was Baby? What made Bholu want to splash her all the time?

Answer: Baby was his pretty elder sister. Bholu wanted to splash her all the time because she took great care to look beautiful all the time.

Question 4: What happened with Baby’s friends on the day of her birthday party?

Answer: There was a huge puddle just outside their gate under a shady mango tree. On Baby’s birthday all her friends were invited. Bholu made a plan. He sat on the tree and when the friends came near the puddle he jumped with blood curdling yell into the puddle so all her friends were splashed with dirty water.

Question 5: What had Bholu done to ensure that no one could really blame him for splashing?

Answer: Bholu had put a long rope resembling a snake in the puddle. When he had splashed water he shouted snake, snake and pretends to pick up the rope. So no one could blame him for splashing.

Question 6: Explain the contrast between Bholu the puddle monster and Bholu the cricketer?

Answer: Bholu had two different personalities – puddle monster and cricketer. As a puddle monster, he is the one who likes to jump in muddy puddles, not conscious of his appearance and would make fun of others. But as a cricketer, he was very conscious of his looks. He would be wearing a shirt, trousers, cap, shoes, gloves and arm guard and everything has to be spotless.

The Puddle Monster Questions & Answers

Question 7: What did the puddle decide to do? Why?

Answer: The puddle decided to teach Bholu a lesson because he always used to stamp on it again and again and used to emptyit.

Question 8: How did the puddles execute their plan?

Answer: When Bholu was going for the cricket match, he found Baby and her friends standing in the depth of the puddle, covered with mud. They invited Bholu to join them but he was reluctant but they grabbed his hand and pull him in. Then, suddenly Bholu found himself skidding wildly and then sprawled flat on his back in the middle of the puddle. This was all planned by the puddles.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

 Oops! Sorry, Miss Pinkie,’ he said quickly. ‘That was an accident’.

(a) Why was the speaker sorry?
Answer: The speaker was sorry because he had splashed his teacher with muddy water.

(b) Was it really an accident?
Answer: No, it wasn’t really an accident.

(c) What was Miss Pinkie’s reaction?
Answer: Bholu smiled his baby-faced smile which Miss Pinkie could not resist and so, she forgave him.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Bholu, what are you doing lying down in that puddle? Isn’t your cricket match on?’

(a) Who said these words?
Answer: Baby said these words.

(b) What was Bholu doing lying down in the puddle?
Answer: Bholu was skidding wildly, and then sprawled flat on his back in the middle of the puddle.

(c) How did he get there?
Answer: Baby’s friends grabbed his hand and pulled him in the puddle.

(d) Do you think Bholu was surprised to see the speaker? Why?
Answer: Yes, Bholu was surprised to see the speaker because he never expected his sweet sister will behave like this.

So, these were The Puddle Monster Questions & Answers.

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