The Pup in The Well Questions & Answers

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The Pup in The Well Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. A dog and her pups live on a farm.
2. Mother Dog tells her pups not to go near the well.
3. One of the pups is naughty.
4. The farmer rescues the pup.

Question 2: Who said these words?

1. ‘Do not go near the well or play around it.’

Answer: Mother Dog

2. ‘I will teach you a lesson.’

Answer: Little pup

3. ‘I should always obey my mother.’

Answer: Little pup

Question 3: Where do the pups play?

Answer: The pups play on the farm.

Question 4: Where does the little pup climb?

Answer: The little pup climbs up the wall of the well.

Question 5: What does the naughty pup see in the well?

Answer: The naughty pup sees his reflection in the well.

Question 6: Why does the pup jump into the well?

Answer: The pup jumps into the well to teach the other pup a lesson.

Question 7: What lesson does the pup learn?

Answer: The pup learns to obey his mother.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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