The Seven Snowmen Questions & Answers

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The Seven Snowmen Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Trek – a long journey on foot
  • Basement – a room below the ground
  • Shelter – a place that is safe from danger, rain, etc.
  • Trapdoor – a small door in the floor, leading to an underground room
  • Rescued – saved
  • Hopeless – feeling that nothing good will happen
  • Pack the snow – to hold the snow strongly between the hands so that it becomes a ball
  • Upturned – upside-down
  • Pebbles – small, smooth stones, usually found near a river
  • Hearty – in large amounts

Question 1: Why did the seven people feel hopeless?

Answer: The group had been hopeful that they would be rescued. But they missed the helicopter that had come looking for them. That is why they felt hopeless.

Question 2: What did the men decide to do? Why did they do so?

Answer: The four men decided to take turns and wait outside the dhaba. That way, they would know if and when the helicopter came looking for them. They decided to do so because previously, they had missed the helicopter that came in search of them.

Question 3: Why did the men suffer? How did the children help them?

Answer: The men suffered because the Sun refused to come out and so, they suffered from colds and stiff joints. The children tried to help them out in small ways by making tea, chopping vegetables and tidying up the basement.

Question 4: How did Jiya, Om and Alka enjoy themselves in the snow?

Answer: Om and Alka showed Jiya how to pack the snow as if making laddoos, then add more snow to make a big, round ball. Om and Alka threw snowballs up in the air and watched in delight as they crashed to the ground. Jiya continued to pack the snow and made a big snowball.

The Seven Snowmen Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did Jiya make a snowman?

Answer: Firstly, Jiya made a big snowball and then she made a slightly smaller snowball and placed it on the first one. Next, she made a smaller one for the head and used pebbles for the eyes, a twig for the nose and shaped a smile with little stones.

Question 6: Who offered to help Dinesh? What happened as a result of that?

Answer: Jiya offered to help Dinesh. As a result of that all the seven men got rescued from that place.

Question 7: But they had missed their chance. Who are ‘they’ in this line? What chance had they missed and how?

Answer: Shivcharan, Hitesh, Dinesh, Akhilesh, Jiya, Om and Alka who were trapped because of the heavy snowfall are ‘they’ in this line. They had missed the chance of being spotted by the helicopter which came looking for them. They could not go outside on time because their trapdoor was blocked because of the snow.

Question 8: ……….except for poor Dinesh…..why does the speaker say ‘poor Dinesh’? What did he have to do?

Answer: The speaker says ‘poor Dinesh’ because after making snowman and enjoying a hearty lunch, all of them had become tired and wanted to rest. But Dinesh could not go back and take rest because it was his turn to be outdoors and look for the helicopter/watch out for the rescue team.

The Seven Snowmen Questions & Answers

Question 9: He woke the others up and they all rushed out of the trapdoor. Who woke the others up? Why did they all rush out of the trapdoor?

Answer: Jiya’s father woke everyone up. All of them rushed out of the trapdoor as they could hear the whirring sound of the helicopter flying away from them.

Question 10: ‘Not again!’ Dinesh thought. What was Dinesh thinking about?

Answer: Dinesh was thinking that this time too they missed the helicopter which meant that they had lost another chance of being rescued.

Question 11: Hello! Said a stranger’s voice. Who was the ‘stranger? Where was he and why was he there?

Answer: The stranger was a soldier from the Indian Army. He was behind Jiya with two other soldiers from the army. He was a part of the rescue team that had come looking for the seven missing people.

Question 12: ‘It can’t be true!’ she thought. Why do you think Jiya thought so?

Answer: When Jiya woke up and joined the others outside, she saw the helicopter flying away from them which meant they had lost yet another chance of being rescued. But then, she heard stranger’s voice behind her. She turned and looked and could not believe her eyes when she saw three soldiers from the Indian Army standing between the snowman.

So, these were The Seven Snowmen Questions & Answers.

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