Safe Again Questions & Answers

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Safe Again Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hooked – curved like a hook
  • Bursts through – comes out suddenly
  • Fluffy – very light and soft
  • Pale – light in colour, not bright
  • Creature – a person or an animal
  • Strange – not usual
  • Roost – nest, a place where a bird sleeps
  • Strike – hit

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) The windhovers live in a hole in the wall of a school.
(b) The parent birds bring the baby birds food as fast as they can.
(c) The baby birds stretch their wings and flap them just like their parents do.
(d) The baby windhover pecked and strike the strange creature.
(e) The boy takes the baby windhover away from its home.
(f) In the end, the boy sets the baby windhover free.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) I hear chipping from the egg close to my own broken shell.
(b) We eat them and grow fast, but I grow the fastest.
(c) This creature does not smell like a bird.
(d) I am bundled into a sack and taken from my home.
(e) When he brings me food, he does not tear it into small pieces.

Question 3: Answer the following questions:

(a) Who saw the sky, the first when opened his eyes?

Answer: A windhover bird saw the sky, the first when opened his eyes.

(b) Who was struggling out of its shell?

Answer: A chick was struggling out of its shell.

(c) Where were the children?

Answer: The children were in the park.

(d) Whose voice was heard by windhover bird?

Answer: A voice of girl was heard by windhover bird.

(e) Who helped to release the bird from cage?

Answer: The sweet girl helped to release the bird from cage.

Safe Again Questions & Answers

Question 4: I hear chipping from the egg close to my own broken shell. What happens after the baby windhover hears the sound?

Answer: After the baby windhover hears the sound, two more baby birds hatch.

Question 5: I am taken from my home. Who takes the baby windhover away?

Answer: The baby windhover was taken away by a boy.

Question 6: I throw myself against the bars and fall. Where is the baby windhover?

Answer: The baby windhover is in a cage.

Question 7: I become thin and weak. Why does the baby windhover become so?

Answer: The boy gives the baby windhover food but he does not tear it into small pieces. The baby windhover cannot eat it so becomes thin and weak.

Question 8: “A wild bird can’t be yours.” Who is the speaker and what does she explain to the boy?

Answer: The girl said these words. She points out to him that it is a wild bird that needs to be free to fly high in the sky.

Question 9: Now I know I am safe. How does the baby windhover know it is safe?

Answer: The baby windhover knows it is safe when it reaches home and its mother flies down to feed it.

Question 10: Write True or False:

(a) The baby windhover Iives alone in a hole in the wall of the school – False
(b) The windhover chicks are scared when they see an unknown creature near their nest – True
(c) The boy catches the windhover because he wants to set it free – False
(d) The girl says that the windhover will die if it is not put back in its nest – True
(e) The windhover’s brother and sister easily recognize the chick when it comes back – False

So, these were Safe Again Questions & Answers.

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