The Story of Twins Questions & Answers

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The Story of Twins Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Raghav was not good in

(a) studies
(b) cooking
(c) dusting

2. Who came running to solve the problem between Raghav and Divya?

(a) parents
(b) grandparents
(c) teachers

3. Who was jealous of Divya’s success?

(a) her mother
(b) her father
(c) her brother

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Divya was a brilliant student.
2. His father was a swimmer and his mother was a painter.
3. Raghav sat on a bench and started crying.

Question 3: Write two skills of Divya.

Answer: Divya was an excellent swimmer and painter.

Question 4: How did Raghav react when he got into a fight with Divya?

Answer: When Raghav got into a fight with Divya, he reacted angrily and busted out loudly.

Question 5: Who apologized to Raghav?

Answer: Divya apologized to Raghav.

Question 6: What lesson did Raghav learn in the end?

Answer: In the end, Raghav learnt that he was just jealous of Divya’s success. He understood that he was good too and was as important as Divya to his parents.

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