The Thrush Girl Questions & Answers

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The Thrush Girl Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Thrush – a type of song bird
  • Stacked – pile neatly
  • Bewitched – affected by a magic spell
  • Prop up – to give support or help to somebody or something
  • Groan – a deep, long sound showing pain or unhappiness

Question 1: What did the grandmother teach the child?

Answer: The grandmother taught the child how to understand thrushes, moles, and bees.

Question 2: How did the animals help the child?

Answer: The thrushes saved the girl from being burnt; the bees saved her from the man with the axe; and the moles freed her from the tower.

Question 3: What happened to the man with the axe?

Answer: The man with the axe was stung by the bees till he dropped to the ground.

Question 4: Why do you think the little girl went away in the end?

Answer: The girl went away since she did not like the people there.

Question 5: Why do you think the people were so against the girl?

Answer: People thought she is possessed by magic or she has turned into a witch.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘The girl is no good,’ they said, ‘she will go to the bad.’

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The farmers said to the girl’s father. (She was also listening.)

(b) Who are they talking about and why do they say this?

Answer: They were talking about the girl. The girl had warned her father that it would rain and the other farmers were angry about it.

(c) What did they say about her later?

Answer: They said that ‘The child is bewitched, we will burn her.’

2. ‘Open!’ they cried. ‘We have come to fetch the girl!’

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The king’s soldiers knocked at the girl’s door and said these words.

(b) Why did they want the girl?

Answer: They wanted to behead her.

(c) What happened to the girl after this?

Answer: She cried out to the bees that came in thousands and stung the man with the axe. The girl was saved and ran home.

So, these were The Thrush Girl Questions & Answers.

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