Baba Yaga Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Baba Yaga Questions & Answers.

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Baba Yaga Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of person was the stepmother?

Answer: Karen’s stepmother was always arguing with her and often tried to get her (Karen) into trouble with her father. She wasn’t very nice.

Question 2: Why did Karen agree to go to the house of her stepmother’s sister?

Answer: Karen agreed to go to her stepmother’s sister’s house because she did not want to get into any trouble with her father after she was screamed at and threatened by her stepmother.

Question 3: What kind of person was Baba Yaga?

Answer: Baba Yaga was a wicked witch and much feared in Russia at that time.

Question 4: In what ways was Karen kind?

Answer: Karen showed her kindness by giving a present to the maid and speaking gently to her, giving ham to the cat, and bread to the dogs.

Question 5: How were various people and things in the story helpful or useful to Karen? Make a list and say how they helped.

Answer: The maid forgot about heating the water after receiving the scarf; the cat stopped spitting and scratching Karen after getting the ham and gave her a towel and comb. The towel became a river and the comb became a thick row of trees and bushes. The oil helped to smoothen the rusty hinges of the gate.

Question 6: How did Baba Yaga behave after Karen escaped?

Answer: Baba Yaga kicked the gate, screamed at the cat and the dogs, and yelled ‘Bah!’

Question 7: Refer to the story and then say who might have said the following.

(a) ‘This is the first present I have received.’

Answer: The maid

(b) ‘Why ever do you two keep fighting?’

Answer: Karen’s father

(c) ‘Why ever do you two keep fighting?’

Answer: Karen’s aunt

(d) ‘Ah! What tasty meal?’

Answer: Baba Yaga

Question 8: For each of the following, give a full explanation – who did what to whom and why?

(a) She sent her to this place to get this.

Answer: Karen’s stepmother sent her to her sister’s house in the forest to fetch a needle and thread.

(b) She gave this to her to take on her trip.

Answer: Karen’s aunt gave her some oil, a loaf of bread, and ham to take on her trip.

(c) It did this because she put this on them.

Answer: The gate opened when she put oil on its hinges.

(d) He got this and did this because she told him this.

Answer: Karen’s father got very cross and spoke sternly to her stepmother when she told him where she had been (to the forest) and why (stepmother had sent her).

So, these were Baba Yaga Questions & Answers.

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