Deeba’s Doll Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Deeba’s Doll Questions & Answers.

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Deeba’s Doll Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why were so many people in Deeba’s room?

Answer: They wanted to give her presents because she had stood first in class and they were proud of her.

Question 2: How do you know that Rafay was proud of his present?

Answer: We know Rafay was proud because he was eager to show Deeba how the doll worked and he had saved money for months to buy the present.

Question 3: What kind of language do you think Deeba wanted the doll to use? How did Rafay react to this language?

Answer: Deeba wanted the doll to learn a polite language. Rafay was ‘agonised’ with the sweet prattle that Deeba was trying to teach the doll.

Question 4: Describe the kind of toys you think Rafay played with?

Answer: Rafay loved to play with toys with which he could attack or fire such as Tarzan, Battle warriors, or Action Men.

Question 5: What presents did Deeba receive and from whom?

Answer: Deeba received a talking doll from Rafay, green goggles from Aunt Anita, and a painting kit (easel, paper, water colours, paintbrush) from her parents.

Question 6: What had Rafay done? Explain in your own words.

Answer: Rafay taught the doll to scare Deeba by teaching her to say, ‘Run, run, scatter! We are under attack’, followed by a loud wail, angry shouting, and lots of other instructions such as ‘Duck! Duck!’ KABOOO….M, gun fire sound, and ‘I’ll get you!’ Deeba realised all this was Rafay’s trick only when the doll said, ‘You have been a naughty boy! Hahaha!’

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:
(Please refer to the book for the questions)


(a) Rafay says these words to his parents.

(b) He feels proud that Deeba does need his help to make the doll talk.

(c) He pressed a tiny button on the side of the doll.


(a) The doll utters these words to Deeba.

(b) Stay down! Load your weapons, be ready to fire! One! Two! Three! AAA … RBH! I’ll get you! This language was taught to the speaker by Rafay.

(c) She burst into laughter, shrieked and ran to catch her brother, Rafay.

Question 8: Correct these statements to make them true:

1. Deeba got a doll for her birthday.

Correct Statement: Deeba got a doll for coming first in her class.

2. The googles were a present from Neha.

Correct Statement: The goggles were a present from Aunt Anita.

3. Deeba’s art teacher was Mr Khan.

Correct Statement: Deeba’s art teacher was Mrs Khan.

4. The doll used the word ‘Hide!’

Correct Statement: The doll used the word ‘Duck!’

5. The doll could only say words.

Correct Statement: The doll could speak sentences.

So, these were Deeba’s Doll Questions & Answers.

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