The Complaint Questions & Answers

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The Complaint Questions & Answers

Question 1: What problem did Ms Reza have and when did it happen?

Answer: Ms Reza had purchased a shower curtain which was supposed to be of the best quality. Ten days later, the bathroom was flooded due to tiny holes in the curtain.

Question 2: Why was she complaining to Mr Shastri?

Answer: Ms Reza was complaining to Mr Salim since he was the manager and the shop refused to take back the curtain.

Question 3: Why does Ms Reza say ‘I am not a blade’?

Answer: Mr Salim addressed her as Mrs Razor, instead of Mrs Reza. Razor is another word for blade. So, Ms Reza said that ‘I am not a blade’.

Question 4: Do you think Mrs Reza would have been happy in the end? Why?

Answer: Mrs Reza would have been happy in the end since Mr Salim was willing to let her take any curtain of her choice from the new models at the shop.

Question 5: Look at the dates of the letters. Comment on the timing.

Answer: Initially, Mr Salim did not care to reply to her letters. Later, when Mrs Reza threatened that her lawyers would get in touch with him his replies were very prompt.

Question 6: After how much of time did Ms Reza write the second letter?

Answer: Ms Reza wrote the second letter after two weeks. The first was written on the 14 January 2017 and the second was written on the 28 January 2017.

Question 7: Reference to context

Comment fully on these lines from the letters. In addition to the questions asked, say who said them, when, where, why?

1. ……curtain for our shower/bath….
Why is there a slash between the two words?

Answer: The back slash shows that the curtain could be for the shower and or bath area.

2. An angry customer (ex)
Why ex? Why angry?

Answer: ‘Ex’ because she would not like to buy anything from their store again. Her anger was due to the fact that she had to go through so much trouble before she realised that the problem was with the curtain. She wrote this in her first complaint letter because she was really angry.

3. …..take further action.
What action? Why?

Answer: Mr Salim wrote this when he received a notice from Ms Reza’s lawyers. Further action would have been to pay penalties or get involved in a court case for not listening to her complaint through various letters.

4. Please check with them.
With whom? What comment is made later by Ms Reza?

Answer: Mr Salim wrote this when Ms Reza complained to him because he did not want to believe that his store had sold a defective product. He wanted Ms Reza to check with the cockroaches and children. Her comment was what question he would suggest for asking the cockroaches and children regarding the holes in the curtain.

5. …..becoming the leading brand……
What joke is made later by Ms Reza?

Answer: Later, Ms Reza made the joke when Mr Salim said that he wanted his brand to be the ‘leading brand’ whereas Ms Reza calls it the ‘leaking brand’.

So, these were The Complaint Questions & Answers.

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