The Touch Questions & Answers

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The Touch Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) A good way for parents to receive their children returning from school is

i. to ask about their score in Maths.
ii. to ignore them simply.
iii. to embrace them lovingly and speak to them lovingly.
iv. to ask about their report card.

(b) What had happened when the narrator visited her father on an earlier occasion?

i. she had seen him quarrelling with people.
ii. he had been sleeping.
iii. he had been too weak to talk.
iv. she had noticed bugs on his cot.

(c) The narrator hesitated even to touch her father because

i. that’s how she had been raised.
ii. he was suffering from illness.
iii. she hated her father.
iv. her husband had told her to keep distance.

Question 2: Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.

“Who is it?” he asked as he turned on his side.

i. Who asked this question?

Answer: The narrator’s father asked this question.

ii. When did this person ask this?

Answer: When the narrator enquired him if he was asleep, he asked this.

iii. What was the reply?

Answer: “It is I” was the reply.

Question 3: Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.

Sit properly ‘amma’, you’ll fall off’.

i. Who is ‘amma’ here?

Answer: The narrator is the ‘amma’ here.

ii. Who said this?

Answer: The narrator’s father said this.

iii. Where were they at that time?

Answer: At that time, they were in rickshaw and were going somewhere.

Question 4: Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.

‘It would be so nice if you moved into this town’.

i. Why did father say this?

Answer: The father said this because he was all alone and wanted to stay with the narrator who was living in a faraway town.

ii. How did the narrator react to this?

Answer: The narrator looked at her father helplessly.

iii. What did father do then?

Answer: The father did not speak again and was silent as he stroked the narrator’s hand.

Question 5: Say whether the following statements are true or false. Rewrite the false statements correctly.

1. The young woman in this story is the main character – False

Correct statement: The old narrator’s father in this story is the main character.

2. This time the father shows his affection for his daughter – True

3. The daughter thinks it would be a good idea to ask her mother to clip father’s nails – False

Correct statement: Asking mother to do it would be as useless as the mortar weeping on the shoulder of the drum.

4. The young woman becomes emotional thinking of her widowed sister-in-law – False

Correct statement: Not that the father could not ask my sister-in-law, but perhaps he wanted me to do something for him. The young woman felt elated and did the job carefully.

5. The author decides to take her father to her house – False

Correct statement: The author looked at him helplessly. A look he could not see. She could not reassure him with words either.

Question 6: Why had the narrator come to that town?

Answer: The narrator had come to that town on hearing that her mother-in-law was not well, and to spend some time with her.

The Touch Questions & Answers

Question 7: What was the caution she had received from her husband before going to visit her father?

Answer: The caution that she had received from her husband before going to visit her father was not to sit on her father’s bed rather pull up a chair and sit. This is because there was a possibility of her carrying bugs back home.

Question 8: Was the narrator’s mother alive?

Answer: Yes, the narrator’s mother was alive.

Question 9: What did father say to her finally?

Answer: The father said to her that it would be nice if she could move into the town so that he could stay with her.

Question 10: Why had the narrator hesitated to face her father?

Answer: The narrator was hesitated to face her father because she could not give the reassurance to him that she would move into the same town.

Question 11: What was the narrator’s childhood like?

Answer: From the time the narrator had learnt her first letters of the alphabet, her father had kept her at a distance in the name of discipline, and because of madi, his orthodox way of life. She never had the courage to touch him and had always felt that he was in a state of ritual purity. She always used to slip into her cocoon.

Question 12: Why did the narrator feel, in her growing up age, that her father kept her at a distance?

Answer: In her growing up age, the narrator felt that her father kept her at a distance, in the name of discipline and because of madi, his orthodox way of life.

Question 13: The “mortar” and the “drum” in the proverb refer to two people. Who are they?

Answer: The “mortar” and the “drum” in the proverb refer to the narrator’s father and the mother.

Question 14: Why did her father ask her to clip his nails?

Answer: Her father asked her to clip his nails because asking her mother would be useless.

Question 15: How did the narrator feel while returning from her father’s house?

Answer: As the narrator returned in the rickshaw, her father’s tender touch haunted her. Tears welled in her eyes and blurred her view of the road.

So, these were The Touch Questions & Answers.

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