Piping Down The Valleys Wild Stanza-Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Piping Down The Valleys Wild Stanza-Wise Summary.

This poem is written by William Blake. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of The Tyger, Laughing Song, The Clod And The Pebble, The Chimney Sweeper and The Echoing Green which are written by William Blake only so, you can go through these posts as well. I have also shared the questions & answers of Piping Down The Valleys Wild so, make sure to check this post as well.

Piping Down The Valleys Wild Stanza-Wise Summary

Stanza – 1 & 2

“Piping down…………………………he wept to hear.”

The narrator who is also a piper was walking along wild valleys and happily playing songs on his pipe when he saw a child on a cloud. The laughing child told him to play a song about a lamb and the piper obeyed him unquestionably and played it. The child again asked the piper to play the song and the piper once again did that happily while the child would listen and enjoy. While enjoying the songs, the child shed tears of joy.

Stanza – 3, 4 & 5

“Drop thy pipe…………………………..child may joy to hear”.

In the third stanza of the poem, the child told the piper to drop the pipe and sing happy songs and the piper followed his instructions. He sang the same song and the child cried with joy when he heard it.

The child then requested the poet to sit down and write happy songs in a book so that all children can read and enjoy and vanished from the sight. To fulfill his request, the piper made a crude pen out of a hollow reed (natural material) and ink by staining water. This whole thing signifies the virtue of nature and the purity of being one with nature. He then wrote the happy songs so that every child can hear and enjoy.

So, this was the stanza-wise summary.

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