The Unwanted Guest Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Unwanted Guest Questions & Answers.

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The Unwanted Guest Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Clovis said it was ‘awkward’ for Jane and Dora to be their guests together because

(a) their house was not large enough.
(b) the two women were bitter enemies.
(c) their food habits were totally different.

2. Clovis said, ‘the difficulty will be to get them to stop speaking.’ He meant

(a) the two women would quarrel non-stop.
(b) both the women had a habit of speaking continuously.
(c) they would excitedly share news with each other.

3. The statement ‘a jewel as far as butlers go’ indicated that Sturridge was

(a) an expensive butler.
(b) was fond of jewellery.
(c) a very well-trained butler.

4. The statement ‘What a woman!’ expresses Clovis’

(a) annoyance
(b) frustration
(c) surprise

Question 2: What had Jane Martlet and Dora Bittholz fought over?

Answer: Jane Martlet and Dora Bittholz fought over a hen which Dora sold to Jane at a very high price. Their relationship turned sour when the bird didn’t lay eggs followed by exchange of very rude letters between the two.

Question 3: What kind of condition did Jane lay to sort out the problem with Dora? Did Dora agree to the condition? Why/Why not?

Answer: Their friends tried to get them to lend the quarrel. Jane offered to take back some of her most insulting remarks if Dora would take back the hen. But Dora clearly refused. She thought that taking the hen back would mean admitting that she was wrong.

Question 4: Why could Mrs Beauwhistle not put off Dora’s visit?

Answer: Mrs. Beauwhistle couldn’t put off Dora’s visit as she had already postponed her visit once.

Question 5: What, according to Clovis, had led to Sturridge’s madness?

Answer: Clovis felt that Sturridge was at times subject to delusions which centre round the guests. Sturridge believed that Jane was Queen Anne and this bewildered and annoyed him to great extent.  

Question 6: Why must Mrs Beauwhistle not be told about Sturridge’s condition?

Answer: Mrs. Beauwhistle was not to be told anything about Sturridge as it would upset her dreadfully. She relied on him for everything. Moreover, she’d already told Clovis not to drag her into the whole drama.

Question 7: How did Clovis trick Sturridge to carry the sword to Jane?

Answer: Clovis told Sturridge to take the sword without the sheath to Miss Martlet as his hands were oily and she needed it to copy the inscription on the blade.

Question 8: Imagine that Jane Martlet learnt the truth about Sturridge’s reality. How might she respond?

Answer: If Jane Martlet happened to learn the truth she would have got-upset and would have rushed to Mrs. Beauwhistle to tell her everything. She might would have put off her idea of going back spoiling Clovis’ plan.

So, these were The Unwanted Guest Questions & Answers.

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