A Man’s Job Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Man’s Job Questions & Answers.

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A Man’s Job Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Rohan and his friends used to play cricket with a

(a) cork ball
(b) tennis ball
(c) leather ball

2. Nikhil was a kid aged

(a) fourteen
(b) one month lesser than nine
(c) two months lesser than eight

3. Nikhil was going to Rohan’s house

(a) to meet his grandfather
(b) to play monopoly
(c) to complain to his mother

4. Rohan came out of his house with his

(a) bat, ball and gloves
(b) bat, ball and pads
(c) bat, ball and wickets

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Rohan and his friends used to play a very rough game of cricket.
2. Nikhil and Rohan lived on different floors of the same building.
3. Nikhil was breathless when he reached the Police Assistance Booth.
4. Rohan wanted to gift a tennis ball to Nikhil.
5. Nikhil played the trick of stealing a watch to bring the police to Rohan’s house.

Question 3: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Rohan used to play a rough game of cricket with a leather ball – False
2. Nikhil was allowed to play cricket with Rohan by Rohan’s mother – False
3. Nikhil acted very bravely for a boy lesser than nine years of age in this story – True
4. Nikhil stole the watch from the police because he was a bad boy – False
5. One of the robbers signalled to the others to come out – True

Question 4: What did Rohan think of Nikhil and what did they play with each other?

Answer: Rohan used to treat Nikhil like a kid. He thought that he being a small child should not play with cork ball and should play with a tennis ball. Both of them used to play monopoly.

Question 5: When Nikhil reached Rohan’s house, what did he find?

Answer: On reaching Rohan’s house, Nikhil pressed the bell many times. When nobody opened the door, he pressed his ears against the closed door. He then ran to the back and on finding it bolted from inside he checked the other doors and windows.

Question 6: What did Rohan tell Nikhil about the robbers?

Answer: Rohan told Nikhil that there were armed robbers inside. He whispered that they have over powered and locked them in a room. He asked Nikhil to get police help from the police station.

Question 7: How did Nikhil bring the police to Rohan’s house?

Answer: Nikhil rushed to the police station. He tried to tell them everything but the police did not take him seriously and thought that he was playing a prank. Desperate Nikhil thought of an idea. He grabbed the watch lying at the counter and started running. Two policemen ran after him and caught him at the gate of the house. Nikhil now told them that he had done this to bring them there.  

Question 8: How did the police catch the robbers from Rohan’s house?

Answer: The police quietly surrounded Rohan’s house. After sometime, the front door opened and a man holding a pistol came out. Three more persons followed him. As they started moving towards the gate, the inspector shouted ‘catch!’ and the police party arrested the unprepared robbers. Soon, they were over powered and disarmed.

Question 9: Can you think of any other way to tell police about the robbers in Rohan’s house?

Answer: Nikhil could have informed his grandmother or some other elder person around to seek their help instead of going to the police station all by himself.

So, these were A Man’s Job Questions & Answers.

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