The Wind in The Willows Questions & Answers

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The Wind in The Willows Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What was the Mole doing at home?

(a) He was spring-cleaning.
(b) He was sleeping.
(c) He was digging a hole.

2. What had the Mole never done before?

(a) He had never heard about a river.
(b) He had never seen a river.
(c) He had never seen a water rat.

3. Which of these statements is true?

(a) The Rat was kind to the Mole.
(b) The Rat was jealous of the Mole.
(c) The Rat and the Mole had a bitter fight.

Question 2: Where did the Mole meet the Rat?

Answer: The Mole met the Rat on the banks of the river.

Question 3: Describe the appearance of the Rat.

Answer: The Rat had a little brown face with whiskers. He had small ears and thick silky hair.

Question 4: What was packed in the luncheon basket?

Answer: The luncheon basket was full of food items such as cold chicken, salad, French rolls, sandwiches, potted meat, gingerbread, lemonade and soda water.

Question 5: Why did the Mole snatch the sculls from the Rat?

Answer: The Mole wanted to row, but the rat refused to give him the sculls saying that he needed a few lessons first. The mole felt jealous of the rat, so he jumped up and seized the sculls.

Question 6: How did the Mole fall into the water? Who helped him to come out and how?

Answer: The Mole made an attempt to dig into the water but missed the surface completely. He lost his balance and found himself legs up lying on top of the rat. He grabbed the side of the boat in panic and the boat capsized. The rat saved the mole by taking him out of the water.

So, these were The Wind in The Willows Questions & Answers.

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