The Wolves Questions & Answers

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The Wolves Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the most suitable heading for each part.


Part 1 – In wait for the enemy
Part 2 – How neighbours turned enemies
Part 3 – In search for the enemy
Part 4 – Face to face with the enemy
Part 5 – Enemies snared together
Part 6 – Bitter exchange of words
Part 7 – Reality begins to dawn
Part 8 – The change of heart begins
Part 9 – Enemies agree to be friends
Part 10 – Anxious to help each other
Part 11 – United in death

Question 2: Who was Ulrich waiting for in the forest and why?

Answer: Ulrich was waiting for George who was his enemy. He wanted to kill him.

Question 3: Which part of Ulrich’s land had been the cause of dispute?

Answer: The narrow strip of Ulrich’s hilly woodland had been the cause of dispute.

Question 4: What had Ulrich asked his foresters to do?

Answer: Ulrich had asked his foresters to watch out for the detested poacher.

Question 5: Where did Ulrich find his enemy?

Answer: Ulrich found his enemy in the disputed forest.

Question 6: Why did the two men not fire at each other?

Answer: The two men did not fire at each other before they could strike each other, Nature struck them down together. A stormy gust of wind blew down the huge tree and it came crashing over the two.

Question 7: ‘I can scarcely see anything.’ Who said this and why?

Answer: George said this because there was so much blood round his eyes.

Question 8: What was it that brought a change in Ulrich’s heart?

Answer: After looking his enemy helpless, groaning in pain under the huge tree, he felt pity on him and changed his mind.

Question 9: What do you think happened to the two men in the end?

Answer: According to me, they might have killed by the wolves in the end.

Question 10: What role do wolves play in the story?

Answer: In the story, the wolves had destroyed the enemy and enmity.

Question 11: What part does Nature play in the story?

Answer: In the story, Nature has played a great role. It was Nature that struck them down together under the tree, brought a change in their minds. So, their enmity ended and they became friends. So, these were The Wolves Questions & Answers.

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