Hiroshima A Living Lesson Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Hiroshima A Living Lesson Questions & Answers.

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Hiroshima A Living Lesson Questions & Answers

Question 1: This lesson has been divided into 8 parts. Choose the most suitable heading for each part.


Part 1 – Why I visited Hiroshima
Part 2 – Hiroshima then and now
Part 3 – Enola Gay strikes
Part 4 – The effects of the bomb
Part 5 – Putting the pieces together
Part 6 – Never to forget
Part 7 – Hoping for peace
Part 8 – Reasons for hope

Question 2: Write True or False:

1. Hiroshima is situated on Tinian Island – False
2. The target of Enola Gay was the Ota River – False
3. The work of rebuilding Hiroshima is still going on – True
4. The sight that Father Kleinsorge saw was nightmarish – True

Question 3: Complete each sentence, using suitable words:

1. Enola Gay was an American bomber that dropped an atom bomb over Hiroshima on 6 August, 1945.
2. The Ota River is in Hiroshima.
3. Father Kleinsorge was a German missionary.
4. Tinian Island is situated in the Pacific Ocean.
5. The population of Hiroshima is over one million.
6. On 6 August 1945, an atom bomb was dropped over Hiroshima.
7. The epitaph at the stone coffin reads: ‘Rest in peace, for the error shall never be repeated.’
8. The stone coffin is a memorial that contains books listing those killed by the A-bomb.
9. The atom bomb dropped over Hiroshima killed over 140,000 people and injured many more.

Question 4: When was the Second World War fought?

Answer: The Second World War was fought from 1939 to 1945.

Question 5: What did the writer see in the museum?

Answer: The writer saw there a film of the actual bomb being dropped. He also saw there various exhibits which included twisted bicycle frames, burnt roof tiles and horrible photos of deformities caused by the blast.

Question 6: What kind of weather do we have in Hiroshima?

Answer: It has mild winters. The summers here are warm and humid.

Question 7: How did the survivors of the atom bomb suffer?

Answer: The survivors got cancer and many other diseases. Their wounds would not heal. Even minor burns took months to heal. Almost everyone had bleeding gums. The fall of hair became a common problem. Many men and women became bald.

Question 8: What different business activities are carried on in Hiroshima?

Answer: Hiroshima is a place of high-rise office blocks. It has trendy department stores and expensive designer shops. It has big shipyards and needle factories. It is known for its karaoke bars.

Question 9: What destruction was caused by the atom bomb in Hiroshima?

Answer: The atom bomb caused such damage that the world had never seen. An area of about five square kilometres in the centre of the city was flattened. Almost everything was destroyed. Four schools suddenly disappeared as if they had never existed. Over 140,000 people were killed and many more were injured. Those who survived became the victims of many diseases.

Question 10: What do people do with tiny lanterns on 6 August every year?

Answer: Every year on 6 August, people lit the tiny lanterns and place them on the waters of the Ota River.

Question 11: What is the importance of the Peace Ceremony held in Hiroshima?

Answer: The importance of the Peace Ceremony held in Hiroshima is to focus one’s mind on the death and destruction caused by war.

Question 12: What did most of the visitors not do at the Peace Ceremony? Why?

Answer: At the Peace Ceremony, most of the visitors didn’t take any photos because they were too deeply moved to click their cameras.

So, these were Hiroshima A Living Lesson Questions & Answers.

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