The Youngest Prince Questions & Answers

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The Youngest Prince Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dais – a low platform
  • Courtiers – ministers
  • Insulted – disrespected
  • Provinces – parts of a kingdom

Question 1: Who was Gamani?

Answer: Gamani was the youngest of the three princes.

Question 2: Why did the teacher ask Gamani not to choose any province?

Answer: The teacher asked Gamani not to choose any province because he was wise and knew that if Gamani stayed in the capital city and involved himself with the people, he would win their hearts and they would choose him as a king.

Question 3: What happened when the old king passed away?

Answer: When the old king passed away, the youngest prince Gamani was crowned the new king.

Question 4: How did Gamani restore peace in his kingdom?

Answer: Gamani restored peace in his kingdom as he followed his wise guru’s advice. He sent a message to his brothers. According to the message he would divide the kingdom between Virat and Vikram. The brothers were humbled. They gave full support to Gamani and agreed to serve him as ministers.

Question 5: Why do you think Gamani deserved the title ‘Gamani the Righteous’?

Answer: He was given this title because he was kind and generous. When some people could not pay taxes, he told them that they could do so next year. When someone’s crop failed, Prince Gamani gave money, food and clothes.

Question 6: Do you think Gamani’s teacher was a good teacher? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Gamani’s teacher was a good teacher because he gave very good advice to Gamani. It is because he followed his wise teacher’s advice that Gamani became a king and by bringing his warring brothers together, brought peace and unity to his kingdom.

Question 7: Write True or False:

(a) The king was wise and good – True
(b) The princes were disobedient – False
(c) Gamani was chosen as the minister by the citizens – False
(d) Vikram and Virat were angry because they couldn’t become king – True
(e) Gamani was peace loving – True

Question 8: Match the columns:

a. To see eye to eyei. stopped liking or supporting someone
b. Get out of handii. gave plenty
c. With a heavy heartiii. to get along
d. Turned againstiv. feeling unwell
e. Under the weatherv. that which cannot be controlled
f. Showered himvi. very sad
Answer: a-iii, b-v, c-vi, d-i, e-iv, f-ii

So, these were The Youngest Prince Questions & Answers.

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