Thousand Pieces of Gold Questions & Answers

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Thousand Pieces of Gold Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Abou Hassan was a _______

(a) poet
(b) gate-keeper
(c)  Caliph’s favourite

2. The princess gave Nuzhat ______

(a) two hundred pieces of gold
(b) one hundred pieces of silver
(c) one hundred pieces of gold

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Abou Hassan was Caliph’s favourite – True
2. Nuzhat was the wife of the Caliph – False
3. Abou had no friends – False
4. The Caliph met everyone – True
5. The Caliph and the Princess gave all the gold they betted – True

Question 3: Who was Abou Hassan?

Answer: Abou Hassan was the favourite in the Caliph of Egypt, Haroun Al Rashid’s court.

Question 4: What did he think money was for?

Answer: He thought that money was for entertaining his friends.

Question 5: What was the dispute between the Caliph and the Princess?

Answer: On seeing the two dead bodies, the Caliph and the Princess had a dispute that who actually died first, Abou Hassan or his wife Nuzhat. So, both of them had a bet of thousand pieces of gold.

Question 6: What did Abou Hassan and Nuzhat do when the Caliph and the Princess arrived?

Answer: When the Caliph and the Princess arrived, Abou Hassan and Nuzhat admitted that they lied and pretended to be dead. It was the poverty that made them to lie.

Question 7: Why did Abou Hassan jump up?

Answer: Abou Hassan jumped up when he heard that both the Caliph and the princess would give thousand pieces of gold to the person who could prove that who died first – Abou or Nuzhat.

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