Three Golden Apples Questions & Answers

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Three Golden Apples Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did the old apple tree grow?

Answer: The old apple tree grew in the orchard.

Question 2: How had it made sure that its fruits were large and delicious?

Answer: The apple tree got maximum rain and sunshine that would make its apples grow large and delicious.

Question 3: What did Gerald do with the apple he got?

Answer: Gerald took bites of the apples till only the core of the apple was left. He then threw away the left-over core.

Question 4: What did Hilda want to keep the apple forever? What happened to it?

Answer: Hilda wanted to keep the apple forever because she had never seen such a large and so golden apple. She wrapped it in a handkerchief and kept it in a drawer. The apple rotted after some days.

Question 5: Why was the tree sorrowful?

Answer: The tree was sorrowful because two of its best three apples had gone waste and the treasure in them was lost.

Question 6: What did Rudolph do with the last golden apple?

Answer: Rudolph cut the apple in half with his pen knife. He found a star inside the apple and there was a small black seed at each point of the star. Rudolph took out all the seeds, climbed into the orchard and planted the seeds in the orchard.

Question 7: Why did this make all the trees and plants happy?

Answer: All the trees and plants became happy because the treasure of seeds had not gone waste and the planted seeds would develop into more plants.

Question 8: What is the message of the story?

Answer: The message of the story is that seeds are like precious treasure. They are very valuable because they develop into plants and trees. It is because of these plants and trees that makes the life possible on the earth. So, we must plant more and more trees and take care of the existing ones.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

He took his penknife out of his pocket and cut the golden apple in half straight across and exactly in the middle.

(a) Who does ‘he’ refer to?

Answer: ‘He’ refers to Rudolph, a boy who was passing by the orchard.

(b) What did he see when he cut the apple in half?

Answer: He saw that there was a star inside the apple and there lay a small black seed at each point of the star.

(c) What did he do before eating the apple?

Answer: He carefully took out all the seeds, climbed into the garden and planted the seeds there.

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