Too Dear Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Too Dear Questions & Answers.

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Too Dear Questions & Answers

Question 1: Say whether the following statements are true or false.

1. Monaco is situated near the borders of France and Germany – False
2. The army in the kingdom comprised sixty men – True
3. If the convict had been executed, the expenditure had to be shared by the government of Italy – False
4. The convict was eagerly waiting to escape – False
5. The guard’s duty was to watch the criminal and fetch the latter’s food from the palace kitchen – True
6. Monaco had only one strong prison to house prisoners – False

Question 2: Complete the following sentences.

1. The task of giving a judgement on a case of murder was a novel thing for the jury because the people of that kingdom were peaceable, and such a thing had not happened before.

2. The problem with the decision to execute the convict was that they had neither a guillotine for cutting heads off nor an executioner.

3. The death sentence was changed to life imprisonment as this would enable the king to show his mercy, and it would be much cheaper than executing the criminal.

4. Since it became too expensive to keep the convict in prison, it was decided that he would be given a pension of 600 francs.

5. The criminal emigrated to a place just outside the country.

Question 3: What was the request made to the French government by the Ministers of Monaco, and what was the reply?

Answer: The ministers of Monaco requested the French government to lend them a guillotine and an expert to cut off the criminal’s head. They also asked for the cost of these. The French government replied that the machine and the expert could be supplied at the cost of 16,000 francs.

Question 4: Why was the help from Italy not considered suitable?

Answer: The help from Italy was not considered suitable because it would cost 12,000 francs and was therefore unaffordable.

Question 5: Why was the King’s army unable to help in the execution of the criminal?

Answer: The king’s army was unable to help in the execution of the criminal because no soldier was ready to do the task of cutting off the criminal’s head. They had not been taught to do that.

Question 6: What was the ‘new item of expenditure’ being faced by the King of Monaco? What was the King’s apprehension?

Answer: The new item of expenditure was for the keep of the criminal. There was a special guard and there was also the man’s food. It came to more than 600 francs a year. The apprehension was that the fellow was still young and healthy and might live for fifty years and the expenditure would be unbearable.

Question 7: Explain why and how the Council got rid of the prisoner.

Answer: The prisoner became a financial burden on the kingdom. He refused to run away saying that his character had been ruined by the sentence and people would turn their backs on him. Besides, he was not used to working. He accused the council of having been unfair to him by not executing him and then taking away his guard who used to fetch his food. The council was compelled to give him a pension of 600 francs every month.

So, these were Too Dear Questions & Answers.

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