Travel Flowers Questions & Answers

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Travel Flowers Questions & Answers


Written by Marilyn Lott, the poem describes the beautiful flowers that the poetess sees by the roadside when she travels. This poem is a description of the joys of travelling and the spring season.

Word Galaxy

  • Nod – lower or raise one’s head slightly
  • Trail – path
  • Barns – large buildings used for storing grains
  • Midst – in the middle of
  • Dotted – scattered

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The poet travel across the country and sees beautiful flowers along the roadside.
(b) Big, yellow sunflowers sway in the gentle wind and greet the poet with a nod.
(c) The poet sees clumps of lovely white flowers in the red soil by the side of the road.
(d) Far from the roadside, the poet sees old barns in the middle of fields. There is dry grass and lots of flowers around the barns.
(e) The poet loves travelling in spring time when it’s not too cold and there is gentle rain and flowers blooming everywhere.

Question 2: Read the line and answer the questions:

You see along the road ways.

(a) Where are the road ways?

Answer: The road ways are across the country.

(b) What does she see along the road ways?

Answer: She sees bright and cheerful flowers.

Question 3: Is the poet travelling through cities or the country side?

Answer: Yes, the poet is travelling through the country side.

Travel Flowers Questions & Answers

Question 4: How do you know that the poetess is travelling through the country side?

Answer: We know this because she creates beautiful imagery by describing the natural beauty of yellow sunflowers, grassy fields and wild white flowers cropping up alongside a trail, the red soil.

Question 5: What is the weather like?

Answer: The weather is warm and sometimes, there are light spring showers.

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

As they crop up in little spurts.

(a) What are they?

Answer: They are white flowers.

(b) Where does the poet see them?

Answer: They are growing alongside a trail.

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

Nodding in the gentle winds.

(a) Who is nodding in the wind?

Answer: Beautiful sunflowers are nodding in the wind.

(b) Who are they nodding at?

Answer: They seem to be nodding at the poet.

(c) What do they seem to be saying?

Answer: They seem to be saying “hello” to her.

Question 8: Would you like to join the poet in her travels? Why/ why not?

Answer: It would be wonderful to join the poet as one can enjoy the beauty of nature and the fun of travelling.

So, these were Travel Flowers Questions & Answers.

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