Uncle Ken in The Jungle Questions & Answers

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Uncle Ken in The Jungle Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why had Uncle Ken come to the jungle? What did the ‘red jungle fowl’ spotted by him the next day turn out to be?

Answer: Uncle Ken had come to the jungle to look for the red jungle fowl, a species that was disappearing. The jungle fowl spotted by him the next day turned out to be a cock belonging to the caretaker of the rest house where Uncle Ken and the author had put up. It was a bird handsome to look at – all red and gold – but it was not a jungle fowl.

Question 2: What was the weather like when they reached the bridge over the Suswa River?

Answer: The weather had changed overnight and the light drizzle that was falling earlier had turned into a steady downpour when they reached the bridge across Suswa River.

Question 3: Describe the elephant that stood on the bridge.

Answer: The elephant that stood in the middle of the bridge was a tusker. It was all alone and did not look at all friendly.

Question 4: Why was Uncle Ken’s blowing the horn a mistake?

Answer: Uncle Ken’s blowing the horn was a mistake because it made a harsh and penetrating sound that would have been alright in a city, but in the forest was out of place. Its sound annoyed the elephant for it took it as a challenge. It responded by trumpeting shrilly and took a few steps towards the car as if he wanted to attack it.

Question 5: How did Uncle Ken and the author save themselves from the elephants chasing them?

Answer: Uncle Ken and the author saved themselves from the elephants chasing them by driving as fast as they could to the Kansrao railway station. When they reached the tiny building that served as the railway station, Uncle Kane brought the car to the grinding half and they abandoned the car and ran into the building. The stationmaster took them into his small control room and shut the iron gate. He told them that they would be safe there but their car was as good as lost.

Question 6: What happened to the car?

Answer: One of the elephants overturned the car and another trampled on it. The other two elephants joined in and soon the car was just a flattened piece of junk.

Question 7: Why did the Stationmaster recommend a scrap dealer?

Answer: The Stationmaster recommended a scrap dealer because he knew the car could never be repaired and it would be better to sell it as scrap.

Question 8: How did uncle and nephew finally get home?

Answer: Uncle and nephew finally got home by taking a train from Kansrao to Dehra and then a ponycart from Dehra station.

Question 9: What did Uncle Ken say when Grandfather asked him about his car?

Answer: When Grandfather wanted to know where his car was, Uncle Ken said that it had met with a small accident and he had left it outside Kansrao railway station. He would go and collect it later.

Question 10: Match the following words with their meanings:

Column AColumn B
1. Incrediblea. an elephant with tusks
2. Pheasantb. the natural home or environment of an animal or plant
3. Habitatc. difficult to find or catch
4. Entwinedd. producing a desired or intended result
5. Elusivee. expected (something)
6. Tuskerf. impossible or difficult to believe
7. Stridentg. twisted or wound around something
8. Effectiveh. a large game bird
9. Anticipatedi. loud and harsh
Answer: 1-f, 2-h, 3-b, 4-g, 5-c, 6-a, 7-i, 8-d, 9-e

So, these were Uncle Ken in The Jungle Questions & Answers.

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