The Jester and The King Questions & Answers

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The Jester and The King Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why could Matenko not get a job?

Answer: Matenko could not get a job, for the only ones he could get were those of sweeping floors, digging ditches or collecting potatoes, and his health was so bad that he could not do any of them.

Question 2: Describe Wanda’s visit to the Queen.

Answer: Just as Matenko had planned, one evening Wanda chopped an onion so that tears ran down her wrinkled cheeks. She then went to see the Queen and, sobbing all the time, told her that Matenko was dead. The Queen naturally felt very sorry for her, an old woman, and so, she gave her a purse full of gold coins to pay for the funeral and to buy some food for herself. Still crying, Wanda came back home.

Question 3: What did Matenko tell the King and what did he receive from him?

Answer: The next day, Matenko chopped an onion so that tears ran down his cheek, and then went to see the King. He sobbed and told the King that Wanda was dead. The King felt sorry for him and gave him a purse full of gold coins before sending him home.

Question 4: Describe the preparations Matenko made for the expected visit of the King and Queen to his cottage.

Answer: Matenko knew that the King and the Queen would come to their cottage to make sure who was dead – Matenko or Wanda. He prepared for this visit by lighting two funeral candles and putting them on the sideboard. He put the two purses with all the gold coins in them beside the candles. Then, he told Wanda to lie down on the floor and cross her arms over her chest. He told her to pretend to be dead and lie still. He then covered her with a white sheet. After that he also lay down beside her, covered himself with a white sheet, and crossed his arms over his chest and pretended to be dead. They lay like this and waited for the King and the Queen.

Question 5: Why did a quarrel break out between the King and Queen when they saw the dead bodies?

Answer: A quarrel broke out between the King and the Queen when they saw the dead bodies of Matenko and Wanda because the Queen was sure that Matenko had died first, while the King was certain that it was Wanda who had died before Matenko.

The Jester and The King Questions & Answers

Question 6: What did Matenko do in the middle of the quarrel?

Answer: In the middle of the quarrel between the King and the Queen, Matenko jumped up from under his white sheet, and said that Wanda had died first, but he was dead before her. In this way he pleased both the King and the Queen, for what he said meant that both were right and none was wrong.

Question 7: Why were the King and Queen not really angry with the couple?

Answer: The King and Queen realised what Matenko was up to, and they both laughed. They were not really angry with the old couple because they were only too glad to find them both alive.

Question 8: Why did the King and Queen feel ashamed?

Answer: The King and the Queen felt ashamed for they realised that it was because of them that the old couple were starving and had to play this trick on them. They promised to send money to Matenko and Wanda whenever they needed it.

Question 9: Choose the correct meaning of the word:

1. Court

(a) the King, queen, their family and the people who work for them or give advice to them.
(b) polite, respectful
(c) a woolen garment

2. Heartbroken

(a) a serious medical condition.
(b) the movement or sound of the heart.
(c) extremely sad because of something that has happened.

3. Humble

(a) exciting or impressive.
(b) small, simple and not special in any way.
(c) luxurious and large.

4. Chopped

(a) fried with meat or vegetables.
(b) cut into small pieces.
(c) slapped.

5. Wrinkled

(a) lines or folds of the skin, especially around the face, formed when one grows older.
(b) shining.
(c) twisted and squeezed.

6. Funeral

(a) a train that goes through a tunnel.
(b) a state of fear or anxiety.
(c) a ceremony, usually religious, for buying or cremating a dead person.

7. Fortune

(a) a large amount of money.
(b) a medium for cooking.
(c) a power to tell the future.

8. Sideboard

(a) a blackboard on one side of the room.
(b) a piece of furniture in the dining room for putting food on before it is served.
(c) a salad served with the main meal.

9. Chamber

(a) a bedroom or private room.
(b) classical music.
(c) a woman who cleans bedrooms.

10. Rascal

(a) a clever person.
(b) a mischievous or cheeky person.
(c) a very sad person.

So, these were The Jester and The King Questions & Answers.

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