Boating Questions & Answers

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Boating Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct meaning of the word:

1. Wonder

(a) to roam about
(b) to think and try to decide what you should do
(c) to feel very happy about something

2. Seized

(a) looked
(b) sneezed
(c) grabbed

3. Sculls

(a) bushes
(b) oars
(c) bones of the head

4. Scruff

(a) something very dirty and untidy
(b) clean by rubbing hard
(c) the back of an animal or person’s neck

5. Propelled

(a) pulled hard
(b) supported
(c) pushed forward

6. Hauled

(a) pulled or dragged
(b) swam across
(c) cried out loud

7. Squashy

(a) like a drink made from oranges
(b) soft and easy to crush or squeeze
(c) making short, high-pitched sounds

8. Lump

(a) to move in a heavy and clumsy way
(b) something unpleasant and bitter
(c) a solid and awkward mass without a regular shape

9. Misery

(a) saving and storing money
(b) a wicked act or crime
(c) great suffering or discomfort of mind or body

10. Wrung

(a) made a telephone call
(b) twisted and squeezed something (like clothes) to get the water out of it
(c) wore a ring on a finger

11. Dismal

(a) sad, miserable and gloomy
(b) to clean by destroying germs
(c) a feeling of shock

12. Cheerily

(a) shouting in joy
(b) saying goodbye
(c) happily

Question 2: Describe how the Mole packed the lunch basket.

Answer: The Mole wanted to pack the lunch basket because he wanted to enjoy everything. Just when he had finished packing the basket and had it tightly strapped, he found that a plate had been left out on the grass. After he did the job again, the Rat pointed out that a fork had not been packed. Last of all they discovered that the mustard pot had not been put in because the Rat had been sitting on it. Somehow the packing was finished without much loss of temper.

Boating Questions & Answers

Question 3: What did the Mole want to do? Why did the Rat not want him to do it?

Answer: The Mole wanted to row the boat, but the Rat did not want him to, for rowing a boat is not as easy as it looks, and one has to learn how to handle the sculls without overturning the boat. Since, the Mole had never rowed before, the Rat wanted him to take a few lessons before he could be allowed to handle the oars.

Question 4: What did the Mole do after the Rat refused to listen to him?

Answer: The Rat had refused to let the Mole row. The Mole was quiet for a little while and then he jumped up and grabbed the sculls so suddenly that the Rat fell backwards off his seat with his legs in the air. The Mole took his place and seized the oars with great confidence.

Question 5: What happened when the Mole made a dig at the water?

Answer: The Mole flung the oars back and made a great dig at the water. He missed the surface and lost his balance; his legs flew up backwards and he fell on top of the Rat. He was very frightened and made a grab at the side of the boat, and the very next moment the boat turned over with a splash and he found himself struggling in the water.

Question 6: How did the Rat rescue the Mole?

Answer: Laughing at the sight of the Mole struggling in the water, the Rat caught him by the scruff of his neck. He then got hold of the two sculls and pushed them under the Mole’s arms to help him float. Swimming behind, he pushed the helpless Mole to the shore, pulled him out of the water, and set him down on the bank. This is how he rescued the Mole.

Question 7: What did the Rat do while the Mole trotted about?

Answer: While the Mole trotted up and down the bank to get warm and dry, the Rat dived into the water, recovered the boat and turned it over. He then dived in again to rescue the lunch basket and as soon as he found it, he struggled back to the bank with it.

Question 8: Explain in your words: ‘What a little wet to a Water Rat?’

Answer: The Rat was a water rat. Such an animal lives in a hole near a lake or a river, and is constantly in and out of water. The Rat was, therefore, not afraid of getting wet. When the Mole thanked him, he dismissed what he had done by casually remarking that a little wetness did not bother him as he was used to it.

So, these were Boating Questions & Answers.

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