Lost and Found Questions & Answers

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Lost and Found Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Mrs Harris jump off the bicycle?

Answer: Mr Harris was riding a bicycle through Holland with his wife sitting behind him. He told her to sit tight as they were going over roads which were stony and the bicycle was jumping a good deal. She thought he had told her to jump off, and so she jumped off the bicycle.

Question 2: What made Mrs Harris sit down and cry?

Answer: Mrs Harris sat down and cried because she thought that Harris had deliberately left her behind. She was in Holland, a foreign country, far from her home in England, and she had no money. Moreover, she did not know Dutch, the language spoken in Holland. So, she felt completely lost and did not know what to do.

Question 3: Why could people not grasp what Mrs Harris was trying to tell them?

Answer: People could not grasp what Mrs Harris was trying to tell them because she spoke in English as she knew no Dutch. The people, on the other hand, knew no English.

Question 4: What did the policeman understand from the signs that Mrs Harris made? What did the police do as a result?

Answer: Mrs Harris knew no Dutch. So, she tried to explain, in sign language, to a policeman what had happened. The policeman thought that some man had stolen her bicycle. So, when the police found a boy riding a lady’s bicycle some miles away, they brought him to her in a cart. However, as Mrs Harris wanted neither the boy nor his bicycle, they let him go.

Question 5: Why did Harris enjoy his ride so much more after his wife had jumped off the bicycle?

Answer: Without Mrs Harris at the back, the bicycle had become lighter, and so, Harris could now go faster without any extra effort. He thought that he had become a stronger cyclist. He rode with great enjoyment, thinking that the fresh country air of Holland had made him strong and was doing him a lot of good.

Question 6: What was all the information that Harris was able to give the police about where he had lost his wife?

Answer: Harris was not able to tell the police exactly where he had lost his wife. He could only tell them the name of the village where he and his wife had had lunch and that they had set out from the village together.

Question 7: How was Mrs Harris finally brought to Harris? Why was she angry?

Answer: With the help of a hotelkeeper, who knew a little English, the police could understand what had happened. In the evening, Mrs Harris was brought to her husband in a covered wagon, together with a bill of expenses. Mrs Harris thought that her husband had deliberately left her behind and so put her to considerable trouble. Not only did she not have any money, she could not ask anybody for help also, for she did not know any Dutch and could not make herself understood. She also had to make a very uncomfortable journey in a covered wagon. So, she was furious.

Question 8: Choose the correct meaning of the word:

1. Sit tight

(a) sit, taking up as little space as possible
(b) sit or remain firmly in one’s place
(c) sit in an uncomfortable manner; huddle

2. Show off

(a) proudly display what one has
(b) postpone a show or event
(c) cancel

3. Graceful

(a) kind, polite and generous
(b) not attractive or elegant
(c) showing a pleasing beauty in movement and manner

4. Alarmed

(a) felt anxious or afraid
(b) a clock which rang
(c) felt sorry

5. Grasp

(a) to work hard
(b) to struggle
(c) to understand fully

6. Cart

(a) a suitcase
(b) a vehicle with two or four wheels, usually pulled by a horse
(c) a map or drawing

7. Grow upon

(a) grow (in a certain place)
(b) become older
(c) increase; become stronger

8. Suggested

(a) asked
(b) ordered; commanded
(c) put forward a plan or an idea

9. Make out

(a) build (something)
(b) understand; distinguish
(c) escape

10. Expenses

(a) gaining knowledge or skill
(b) costing a lot of money
(c) money spent in doing or buying something

So, these were Lost and Found Questions & Answers.

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