Peruvian Marvels Questions & Answers

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Peruvian Marvels Questions & Answers

Question 1: Explain the meaning of these words:

(a) His heart sank – he was very unhappy
(b) Former splendour – it used to be glorious previously
(c) Excavation – the action of excavating something, especially an archaeological site.

Question 2: Who were the Moche?

Answer: The Moche were a civilisation that ruled Peru’s north coast a millennium before the Inca.

Question 3: What is Huaca Cao Viejo?

Answer: Huaca Cao Viejo is a mud pyramid built by the Moche at El Brujo.

Question 4: When did Regulo Franco’s heart sink and why?

Answer: When Regulo Franco first saw the ruins of El Brujo, his heart sank because there was evidence of merciless looting at the site.

Question 5: How did archaeologists learn about the Moche cult?

Answer: Archaeologists learnt about the Moche culture mostly through what is portrayed by their artwork.

Question 6: The Huaca Cao Viejo served primarily as a_________

(a) plaza for social transactions.
(b) protecting roof for temples.
(c) religious centre for the community.
(d) workhouse for potters and jewellers.

Question 7: Why are Moche artefacts expensive?

Answer: The Moche artefacts are expensive as they are found in the Moche pyramids which are held sacred by many cultures and also because they are very few in number.

Question 8: Match the following words with their meanings:

Column AColumn B
1. Reliefa. a band of painted decoration on a wall or the ceiling.
2. Vibrantb. a network of interconnecting burrows typically built by rabbits.
3. Ornatec. dug out from the ground.
4. Friezed. bright; striking; full of energy and life.
5. Splendoure. dry and barren; getting no rain.
6. Warrenf. a vast number of people or things.
7. Aridg. piece of sculpture with design raised from surface.
8. Exquisiteh. magnificence; grandeur.
9. Exhumedi. elaborately decorated.
10. Legionj. extremely beautiful and delicate.
Answer: 1-g, 2-d, 3-i, 4-a, 5-h, 6-b, 7-e, 8-j, 9-c, 10-f

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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