Upagupta Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by Rabindranath Tagore. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of A Noble Revenge, The Magic Metal, A Modern Miracle, The Discovery of Penicillin and The Young Akbar so, you can check these posts as well.

Upagupta Questions & Answers

Question 1: What woke up Upagupta from his sleep?

Answer: A dancing girl feet tinkling with anklets touched Upagupta’s chest and he woke up from his sleep.

Question 2: Which lines prove that it was a dark night when Upagupta lay asleep?

Answer: The lines ‘lamps were all out, doors were all shut and stars were all hidden by murky sky’ prove that it was a dark night when Upagupta lay asleep.

Question 3: What did the dancing girl say to Upagupta?

Answer: The dancing girl invited Upagupta to her house as the dusty earth was not a fit bed for him.

Question 4: What was Upagupta’s reply to the girl’s invitation?

Answer: Upagupta’s replied that he would come to her when the time was ripe.

Question 5: How does the poet describe the dancing girl?

Answer: The dancing girl had put on jewels as ornaments. She was wearing a pale blue mantle and was intoxicated by her youth.

Upagupta Questions & Answers

Question 6: When did Upagupta see the girl again?

Answer: Upagupta saw the girl again when he was walking alone on the streets in the night.

Question 7: Why were the streets lonely at that time?

Answer: The streets were lonely at that time because the people had gone to the woods to the festival of flowers.

Question 8: Why was the girl lying near the wall?

Answer: The girl was lying near the wall because she was struck with black pestilence and was driven away from the town.

Question 9: Why was the woman hurriedly removed from the town?

Answer: The woman was hurriedly removed from the town because she was suffering from a contagious disease. People feared that others could also catch the disease if they came in contact with the woman.

Question 10: How can a face be austere yet beautiful?

Answer: A face can be austere yet beautiful if the soul is pure. The beauty of the soul reflects on the face.

Question 11: Upagupta says to the girl – The time, at last, has come to visit you…what do you understand from this line?

Answer: Upagupta meant to come to the dancing girl when she needed him the most. Upagupta went to her when she was struck with black pestilence and was driven away from the town.

Question 12: How did ascetic help the woman?

Answer: The ascetic sat by the woman and took her head on his knees. He moistened her lips with water and smeared her body with sandal balm.

So, these were Upagupta Questions & Answers.

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