Wander Thirst Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Wander Thirst Questions & Answers.

I have already shared Wander Thirst Stanza-Wise Summary so, make sure to check that post as well. Written by Gerald Gould, who was brought up in Norwich and was fascinated by nature. Mad about travelling, he always desires to travel far and wide.

Wander Thirst Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the poet thirsting for?

Answer: The poet has the urge to travel because he wants to see new places and have new experiences. He feels as if the sun, the sky, etc. (nature) is urging him to explore.  

Question 2: Read the lines given below and answer the following questions:

‘It works in me like madness, to bid me say goodbye’

(a) Who does ‘me’ refer to?

Answer: The word ‘me’ refers to the poet.

(b) Whose call is the poet responding to?

Answer: The poet is responding to the call of the seas, the stars and the sky.

(c) What is he bidding goodbye to?

Answer: He is saying goodbye to family and friends.

Question 3: Why does this wanderer mention two directions, East and West?

Answer: The wanderer mentions ‘The East’ as it stands for the rising sun and a new day.  He mentions ‘the West’ and the sea as it stands for the unknown and unexplored places.

Question 4: Who calls the poet to wander?

Answer: The seas, stars, sky, river, roads and the birds call the poet to wander.

Question 5: Who does the poet blame for his wander-thirst?

Answer: The poet blames the stars and the sun and the white road and the sky for his wander-thirst.

Wander Thirst Questions & Answers

Question 6: What does the poet mean by the line- ‘The old ships draw to home again, the young ships sail away’?

Answer: The old ships are experienced people who are coming home after a long journey, and trade, for retirement and rest. The young ships are young people who are beginning their journey in life and career. They are ready for new adventures and experiences.

Question 7: “…When once the voice is heard” – what voice is referred to here?

Answer: The voice referred to here is the call of every object of Nature that tempts the poet to set out for a journey. Actually the poet’s inner urge is reflected in this call.

Question 8: The title ‘Wander Thirst’ is very appropriate. Give reasons.

Answer: The poet has an inner urge to travel and go to new places, i.e. ‘wander’. He likes to explore the unknown places and looks forward to gaining new experiences. He feels that the sun, the sky and nature in general is calling out to him for the same. Hence the title ‘Wander Thirst’ is very appropriate for the poem.

Question 9: Why is the title ‘Wander Thirst’ written in capital letters?

Answer: The title ‘Wander Thirst’ is written in capital letters for the sake of emphasis and to personify as well.

Question 10: The poem is about people who are always looking for new places to explore and new faces to meet. Do you like such people? Why?

Answer: Yes, I like people who are always curious to explore new things because they are not dull at all. They are always active and keep travelling. Because of such kind of people, we come to know many new places. Such people keep voyaging for months and meet people of different cultures and I love exploring.

So, these were Wander Thirst Questions & Answers.

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