We Will Fly Kites Questions & Answers

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We Will Fly Kites Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Ali’s father buy to make a kite?

Answer: Ali’s father bought kite paper, bamboo sticks and splinter, gum, and thread to make a kite.

Question 2: How did Ali’s kite look?

Answer: Ali’s kite looked very beautiful.

Question 3: Who made a kite for Ali and Ravi?

Answer: Ali’s father made a kite for Ali and Ravi.

Question 4: Can the kite fly on its own?

Answer: No, the kite can’t fly on its own.

Question 5: Where does the kite goes?

Answer: The kite goes up in the sky.

Question 6: How did Ali fly the kite?

Answer: Ali’s father held the thread and made movements of his hand to control the thread. The kite slowly went up and then Ali gripped the thread. His kite went higher in the sky.

Question 7: Complete the words by writing double letters in the box:

(a) A small furry animal – Rabbit
(b) A red fruit we like – Apple
(c) We take water to school in it – Bottle
(d) Girls tie their hair with it – Ribbon
(e) Not sad – Happy

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