Weaver Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Weaver Questions & Answers.

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Weaver Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • He/Him – the capital for these pronouns means that they refer to God
  • Worketh – works
  • Oft times – often
  • Weaveth – weaves
  • Looms – a hand-operated machine for weaving thread into cloth
  • Shuttles – a device in weaving that holds the weft thread (the horizontal thread) and is used to pass it between the warp threads (the ones running lengthwise)
  • Canvas – a strong, heavy, closely-woven fabric on which a painting is done

Question 1: Who is the designer of the poet’s life and how does HE design this life?

Answer: God designs the poet’s life as a combination of good and bad.

Question 2: In what way is God’s view of the poet’s life more balanced than his own view of life?

Answer: God sees the complete picture. He realises the significance of both the positive and the negative, whereas the poet has only limited vision.

Question 3: How does the poet compare happiness and sorrow to, in terms of a woven piece of cloth?

Answer: In order to make a beautiful cloth, dark threads are as important as the lighter ones; similarly, to appreciate joys, the poet says we need to feel sorrow.

Question 4: What does the poet compare happiness and sorrow to, in terms of a woven piece of cloth?

Answer: The poet compares happiness to gold and silver threads and sorrow to dark fibres.

Question 5: Do you agree with the poet when he says; ‘He gives his very best to those who leave the choice with him? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, I agree with the poet because God is All-Powerful and All-Knowing. When people leave the choice with Him, they understand that God truly knows what is good for them. This pleases God and He rewards the people for with His blessings.

Question 6: In your view, what might make up the dark threads and the gold or silver threads, in the life of a person? Write your answer in detail.

Answer: The dark threads can represent loss of a loved one, failing at a test, losing a friend, not winning a prize, and so on. The gold and silver threads can mean winning a prize, getting the highest grades, having a big house or car, and being wealthy.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Not till the loom is silent, and the shuttles cease to fly,
Will God unroll the canvas, and explain the reasons why.”

(a) What does the poet say about the loom prior to this?

Answer: God works on steadily.

(b) What is the poet trying to say in these lines?

Answer: The poet is trying to say that everything has a purpose, a reason, which we may realise only much later, and we should, therefore, leave our fate in God’s hands.

(c) According to the poet, what makes up this canvas and what are these compared to in the life of a human?

Answer: According to the poet, dark and light threads make up this canvas. These are compared to joys as well as sorrows.

So, these were Weaver Questions & Answers.

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