The Magic Shop Questions & Answers

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The Magic Shop Questions & Answers

Question 1: What attracted Gip and his father to the shop?

Answer: Gip and his father were attracted by the tempting objects in the shop window.

Question 2: In what ways was the shopman strange?

Answer: The shopman had one ear larger than the other, appeared and disappeared suddenly, and seemed to be able to perform magic.

Question 3: Why does the father think that the shopman was carrying out jokes pretty thoroughly on them?

Answer: The shopman was making sure that Gip and his father had no excuse to accuse him of cheating later. The shopman was talking a lot to gain their trust and was repeatedly reminding them that all his goods were genuine.

Question 4: Had you been in Gip’s place, which magic article would you have opted to buy and when?

Answer: I would have bought the magic rocking horse because it could take me to faraway places within seconds. I could go wherever I liked and see all the countries of the world. The horse would never get tired and I could keep riding it whenever I wanted to. It would also talk to me and become friends with me.

Question 5: At which point did Gip’s father think it was time to leave the shop?

Answer: When the shopman disappeared with his hat; when he wanted to show them around the showroom; when he made magic that seemed too genuine, like when he made Gip disappear.

Question 6: When and why did Gip’s father feel jealous?

Answer: When Gip grasped the shopman’s finger and became very friendly with him; he felt jealous when Gip’s affections seemed divided.

Question 7: Why do you think it was not possible for Gip’s father to make the soldiers come to life? Give two reasons.

Answer: The two reasons are:
a. Because he could not grasp the magic words.
b. Because adults can’t work magic.

Question 8: Do you think Gip and his father ever wanted to return to the magic shop? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Gip, yes, because he believed in magic however, his father, no, because the shop and the shopman intimidated him.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Tut, tut! Said the shopman, relieving me of my headdress.

(a) When does the shopman say this and remove the speaker’s headdress?

Answer: The shopman says this when Gip’s father pulls off his hat, and a pigeon comes out of it.

(b) What is in the headdress?

Answer: A pigeon.

(c) What does the shopman do immediately after this?

Answer: The shopman shakes the hat and removes many more things from it.

2. I came up to this grinning shopman and kicked his stool aside.

(a) Who does this?

Answer: Gip’s father.

(b) Why is the shopman grinning? What has he done?

Answer: The shopman is having fun at the father’s expense by making Gip disappear.

(c) What happens immediately after this?

Answer: The shopman and the shop disappeared and the father finds himself on the road with Gip.

Question 10: Explain the following:

(a) Pack of cards that looked all right……Why is the word ‘looked’ in italics?

Answer: To emphasise that in a magic shop, seeing isn’t necessarily believing.

(b) Legerdemain? He asked. ‘Mechanical? Domestic? What do these words mean? What tricks might you associate with each?

Answer: Refer to magic tricks; legerdemain—performed by hand; mechanical—done using pieces of machinery; domestic—done using household appliances, etc. Legerdemain—juggling, Mechanical—levitating, Domestic —disappearance

(c) Gip stretched out his disengaged hand to take this object.

Answer: His father’s finger.

(d) ‘You, you know are the Right Sort of Boy’. What might the ‘Wrong sort of Boy’ have been like?

Answer: Lazy, whining, spoilt, arrogant, demanding, complaining.

(e) Magic! Said the shopman, with a careless wave of the hand. Why was the wave ‘careless’? What does this tell us?

Answer: This tells us that the shopman was experienced and had been doing magic for a long time.

(f) He had got Gip now. What does this mean?

Answer: He had grabbed Gip’s interest and now had his complete attention.

So, these were The Magic Shop Questions & Answers.

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